July 13th, 2008

'Good Guy' List Added to FORUM Classifieds

To help our FORUM members make informed buying decisions, we have launched a list of reliable sellers, based on actual purchaser feedback. The “Good Guys” are those who describe their products accurately and who pack carefully and ship in a timely fashion. “Good Guys” also take the time to answer buyers’ questions, and stand behind what they sell. While we don’t require that sellers insure their wares, we think it’s a good idea for sellers to insure items valued $300.00+, and include the cost of insurance in their sale price.

Posting “Good Guy” Reports
If you had a good experience using the FORUM Classifieds and can recommend a Good Guy seller, post your report in THIS FORUM THREAD. The Moderator will then add your recommendations to the list in the first post of the thread.

Positive Good Guy Reports:
(This is just for starters. The list will grow as more user feedback is received.)

A – K
+2 Barry (BlueEyedBear)
+1 Cheechako
+1 Dean253
+1 DocEd
+1 EdwinD
+2 Eggman
+1 farmer
+1 flatlander
+1 George
+1 Gun-A-Month
+1 jb1000BR (Jason B)
L – Z
+1 Larry D scott
+1 lynn
+2 Preacher
+1 rayjay
+1 RJinTexas
+1 Roy Darnell
+1 SavageGuy
+1 voldoc

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