February 7th, 2010

SITE Updates: Should We Modify the Classifieds?

We have a very active FREE Classifieds section in our Shooters’ Forum. Our Classifieds are currently grouped into two (2) basic categories: 1) Guns, Actions, Stocks, and Barrels; and 2) Tools, Dies, Optics & Miscellaneous. As our Forum has grown, so have the number of Classified listings. Some Forum members want us to create more Classifieds categories, so it will be easier to locate specific items, such as barrels or brass. Many other readers like the system just the way it is, since they can find a wide variety of items all in one place.

Shooters' Forum Classifieds

We want your opinion on the subject. Should we create more Forum Classifieds Categories? And should we include a paid section for Commercial listings? That way retail vendors could list new products, special bargains, or group buy offers. Express your views in the Poll below (you can pick more than one answer). If you have specific suggestions, post them in this Forum Classifieds Update Topic.

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