July 11th, 2008

New Binocular Spotting Scope

A new, high-end spotting scope with dual, binocular-style eyepieces is being offered by John Rigby & Co., of Paso Robles, California. Early examples have exhibited exceptional optical quality and resolution. The dual eyepieces reduce eyestrain and improve perceived brightness and contrast. Along with delivering better effective resolution, the twin-eyepiece system is much less fatiguing. The military has long known that viewers can resolve small objects at long range much easier with binoculars vs. single-eyepiece spotters. Attend a big 1000-yard match, such as the Williamsport World Open, and you’ll see many custom scope brackets that mount a pair of single-eyepiece spotting scopes together. Those guys wouldn’t go to the trouble and expense of mounting twin scopes if it didn’t provide a better view.

Rigby Bincular Spotting Scope

This scope has a huge 120 mm objective lens, 20% bigger than any major-brand spotting scope on the market. Robert Whitley has been testing a Rigby Binocular Spotter. He reports: “The optics on this scope are incredible. The other evening I set the scope up on a deck at my home and amazed myself watching ants climbing up and down the bark on the trunk of a tree about 150 yards away — very clear and sharp image resolution for sure. There is no question this is an exceptional piece of equipment. Nothing like older eyes to give one an appreciation of great optics.”

Rigby Bincular Spotting Scope

The scope itself comes with a high-quality hard case and two matched eyepieces. Available power levels are 20x (30mm) and 30x (21mm). Higher magnification eyepieces are under development. The head containing the two eyepieces rotates on the scope body, allowing viewing from a variety of angles. These Rigby Binocular spotting scopes will be sold directly to the customers. Pricing is subject to change, but the builders expect the unit to retail for $1799.00 including twin eyepieces. For more info, visit JohnRigbyandCo.com or call 1 + (805) 227-4236, ask for Geoff Miller.

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