July 19th, 2008

Reloder 17 Delivers Stunning Velocities in First Tests

Alliant’s new Reloder 17 powder is the new “Speed King” in its burn-rate category. It promises to raise the velocity bar in many cartridges which work best with slow-burning propellants. Based on initial test results, if you’re using H4350, IMR4350, Reloader 19, Norma URP, or H4831 currently, you may find that RL17 can deliver dramatically higher velocities than other powders. CLICK HERE for FULL REPORT.

RL17 Boosts Speeds by 200 fps
The day after two pounds of RL17 arrived in Phoenix, German Salazar and Bob Jensen tried the new propellant in 6XC and .308 rifles, using an Oehler 43 chronograph equipped with pressure-testing equipment. The results were eye-opening. German was able to get 3311 fps using 107gr Sierra MKs in the 6XC. That’s roughly 200 fps faster than other popular extruded powders can deliver. With the 115 Berger, the 6XC topped 3200 fps, again a very impressive speed gain. Most 6XC shooters find that 3000-3050 fps is the most they can get with a 115gr bullet.

Speed by Design
What’s the secret to this new powder? First it’s made differently than most other propellants. Most extruded powders have an external coating on the kernels that governs burn rate. With RL17, the burn regulating compound saturates the entire kernel — it’s not just on the outside. The practical effect is that RL17 is able to maintain a higher energy level for a longer time — the energy output does not fall off as steeply as other powders. The other factor is density. Reloder 17 has fairly small kernels so it packs very tightly compared to H4831sc. As a result you can fit more powder (by weight) into the case.

Accuracy Testing Comes Next
German will continue his testing with other calibers — as soon as we can get more RL17 from Alliant. German also plans to start accuracy testing next week. If RL17 can deliver accuracy to match its high velocities, it looks like it would be a very good choice for the 6-6.5×47 Lapua, 6XC, 243 Win, 6mm Remington, .284 Winchester, and 30-caliber cartridges with the big (185+ grain) bullets.

Limited reloading data is available currently, but Alliant has distributed a preliminary load data sheet with loads for a dozen popular calibers. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD RELODER 17 DATA.

reloder 17 Alliant Powder

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