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October 8th, 2008

Benchrest at Ben Avery — NBRSA Nationals Underway

NBRSA NationalsThe NBRSA 100-yard and 200-yard Nationals have been underway since Monday, October 6 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The match, which concludes on Oct. 11th, has drawn 120+ top shooters from around the country including Tony Boyer, Lester Bruno, Wayne Campbell, Don Nielson, Mike Ratigan, Bart Sauter, and Col. Billy Stevens.

Four classes will be contested at the NBRSA Nationals: Light Varmint (LV), Heavy Varmint (HV), Sporter, and Unlimited (Rail guns). The Unlimited (rail-gun) 100-yard and 200-yard Matches are complete and results are available. Results for the 100 and 200 Unlimited 10-shot group, 8-group aggregates are:

100-Yard Unlimited Agg
1. Tony Boyer 0.2198
2. Eric Stanton 0.2262
3. Mike Conry 0.2329
4. Wayne Campbell 0.2386
5. Lawrence Weisdorn 0.2440
6. Lester Bruno 0.2490
7. Don Nielson 0.2571
8. Billy Stevens 0.2626
9. Gary Sinclair 0.2735
10. Chris Harris 0.2750
200-Yard Unlimited Agg
1. Charles Huckeba 0.2598
2. Mike Ratigan 0.3057
3. Tony Boyer 0.3217
4. Don Creach 0.3371
5. Wayne Campbell 0.3401
6. Lawrence Weisdorn 0.3416
7. Mike Contry 0.3634
8. Bart Sauter 0.3715
9. Lester Bruno 0.3716
10. Tom Price 0.4004

NBRSA Nationals

Jeff Walker has taken some nice photos of the match. Here are photo links:

Tony Boyer and Wayne Campbell shooting Unlimited.

A Host of Hall-of-Famers on the Firing Line.

Stay tuned for more reports as we receive results for the HV, LV, and sporter classes. For more information, email match director Gary Ocock at onehole149 [at] For NBRSA membership information and application forms, visit

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October 8th, 2008

Tough Economy Impacts Gunmakers and Outdoor Retailers

The troubled economy is beginning to affect firearms manufacturers and outdoor retailers. This week Sig Sauer (NH) announced a workforce reduction of roughly ten percent. Meanwhile large outdoor retailer Cabela’s (NYSE: CAB) President and CEO Dennis Highby has announced a ten percent reduction in the corporate staff based in Sydney, Nebraska.

Major firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson (NASD:SWHC), and Sturm, Ruger & Co. (NYSE:RGR) are both making efforts to improve their market standing, after their stock prices have tumbled in the past year. Ruger, which has seen its common stock fall from $19.50 to $6.37 in the past year, spent $7.4 million in the third quarter to buy back 1.1 million shares at $6.50/share. The situation is not all bleak at Ruger, however — Ruger officials stated that the company has about $22 million in cash and no debt on its balance sheet.

Smith & Wesson has also experienced a massive decline in its stock price in the last 12 months, with company shares falling from $21.85 last October to $2.77 today, an 87% drop. In response, S&W has taken aggressive measures. In late September, the company shuffled some executive positions, laid off 80 workers at its Rochester, NH assembly facility, and reduced production of S&W and Thompson/Center Arms (T/C) rifles. To shore up the company’s finances, S&W recently filed SEC documents proposing to sell $250 million in debt securities, common and preferred stock, and other securities.

Smith Wesson stock

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