October 9th, 2008

DVDs Provide Advanced Reloading Tips

We often receive emails from shooters who are just getting started in hand-loading for precision rifles. These readers may have experience reloading for pistols or shotguns, but the fine points of producing precision rifle ammo are unfamiliar to them. Many readers seek advice on controlling neck tension, determining optimum bullet seating depth, and tuning loads. These are all key factors in rifle accuracy. Likewise we get many questions about using Wilson hand dies and arbor presses.

Advanced Handloading DVD

Sinclair International is now offering a new DVD entitled, “Advanced Handloading — Beyond The Basics”. This 45-minute DVD is hosted by John Barsness, contributing editor of Handloader Magazine and editor of Successful Hunter Magazine. Topics covered include correct case sizing, neck sizing, bushing selection, cartridge O.A.L. and many more. The tools and procedures needed to accomplish these tasks and measure the results are discussed in detail. This DVD was produced as a cooperative effort by Redding Reloading, Sierra Bullets, and Wolfe Publishing. Price is $19.95, Sinclair item 15-05978.

Gunsmith Richard Franklin, whose article on the 30-338 Wildcat is featured this week on our site, has also prepared a very useful instructional DVD. Richard’s two-hour-long Precision Reloading for Accuracy DVD explains many of the fine points of loading popular match and varmint cartridges. Richard demonstrates how to prep cases for best accuracy, how to neck-up or neck-down cartridges, how to turn case necks, and how to bump case shoulders properly. Richard’s DVD is a great resource if you need help with Wilson-type inline seating and sizing dies. Richard shows how to set up and use Wilson benchrest dies and to choose the right neck bushing for Wilson neck dies. Richard’s Precision Reloading DVD costs $24.00. Call 540-890-8649 to order, or email customrifles [at] hughes.net. For varminters, Richard also offers excellent DVDs on GroundHog hunting. A sequel to Richard’s popular “Death in the Green Grass” varminting DVD is scheduled for release very soon.