February 22nd, 2009

Reader TECH TIP Contest — Submit Your Best Tips

The TECH TIPS shared in this Daily Bulletin are very popular. We know there are many clever folks out there who have developed interesting tricks and procedures to load better ammo or shoot tighter groups. To share some of these “bright ideas” with our readers, we’ve decided to run a contest, rewarding the best reader-submitted Daily Bulletin TECH TIPS.

Bulletin TECH TIPS Contest
We are soliciting TECH TIPS from our readers. These can include reloading advice, ways to optimize the use of tools, pointers on how to maintain/repair rifles, or even advice on how to set up your rifle better on the bags. You might also explain how to craft a simple, inexpensive tool or gadget to assist with reloading. One popular TECH TIP was from a reader who built a portable reloading bench using a Black & Decker Workmate as a base. Another guy crafted a custom jig to control cut depth with a neck chamferer. One popular reader-supplied TECH TIP explained how to fit a mirror and magnifying glass to make it easier to use a balance-beam scale. There are all kinds of good ideas… so come on and share your best tips with us.

Contest Rules
To enter the contest, you must have an original idea (no copies from somebody else’s post or article), and original photos. You must submit at least 400 words explaining your TECH TIP, and provide at least three (3) good, sharp digital photos (or technical diagrams). The photos should be 640×400 or more pixels. 1024×768 is ideal. Any TECH TIP without photos/diagrams will be ineligible for prizes.

Entrants MUST supply their name, address, email address, and phone number. We must have that information for fact-checking purposes and to notify the winners.

We will select the top TECH TIPS in late April. All submissions (text and photos) become the property of 6mmBR.com | AccurateShooter.com. We will run the best TECH TIPS in the Daily Bulletin over the next few months.

Contest Prizes
The writers of the Best Four (4) TECH TIPS will each receive a prize. First Prize is an RCBS CaseMaster ($100.00 value), Second Prize is a 100-ct box of Berger Bullets (.204, .224, 6mm, 6.5mm calibers), Third and Fourth Prizes will be AccurateShooter.com T-Shirts (Large or X-Large only).

Contest Deadline
To be considered in the Contest, you must submitted your TECH TIP (500 or more words plus at least 3 photos), no later than April 10, 2009. While 500 words + 3 photos is the minimum, you can submit longer articles and more photos. It is OK to submit multiple entries.