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February 23rd, 2009

Have Guns, Will Travel — NCSA Mobile Shooting Club

This story comes to us courtesy of the NRA Blog, which recently featured the innovative program of the North Coast Shooters Association (NCSA). The NCSA has pioneered a “movable match” that utilizes multiple shooting facilities to expand the opportunities for competitive shooters in the Midwest and Ohio region. The NCSA is a mobile shooting club. Instead of owning its own range, the NCSA has a trailer loaded with everything needed to hold a match including homemade spotter discs, spindles, and pasters. The NCSA holds its competitions wherever they find enough interest, rather than trying to draw people to one location. This unique approach attracts first-time shooters and those adverse to traveling long distances, creating a nice turn-out every time.

NCSA Mobile Shooting Club

NCSA Offers Matches at Military Bases
A little over a year and a half ago, NCSA founder Nick Mullet decided there weren’t enough places to shoot east of the Mississippi River. As a result, the North Coast Shooters Association was formed with the mission of opening additional ranges for civilian shooters. Nick contacted military bases normally closed to civilians and got permission to hold matches. The NCSA secured .50 and .223 caliber matches at Fort Knox, Fort McCoy, Fort Drum, Camp Gruber, Camp Perry, and Thunder Valley.

“From our start in mid 2007, we’ve held five .50 caliber matches and two .223 matches in four different locations throughout three states”, Nick stated. The NCSA has grown to 74 paid members and has high hopes for the future. With increased membership comes more frequent competitions over a larger area. Any and all skill levels are welcome to NCSA matches as long as they follow Nick’s two basic rules: 1) No one has the authority to get hurt; and 2) Have a good time.

NCSA Mobile Shooting Club

For more information, visit the North Coast Shooters Association website and NCSA Forum. The NCSA may be planning a match near you.

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February 23rd, 2009

Lou Alessi, Respected Holster-Maker, Succombs to Cancer

Lou Alessi, one of America’s leading holster-makers for four decades, passed away this weekend in New York after a struggle with cancer. Lou was a great designer, and a master craftsman. He invented many holster designs that were copied by other holster-makers. Alessi’s classic ankle holster design was “the standard against which others are measured”, and the Alessi Talon, in this Editor’s opinion, is simply the best IWB (Inside Waist-Band) design ever. The Talon IWB is thin, comfortable, durable, easy-to-deploy, and affordable. This editor once asked Lou why he maintained affordable pricing on the Talon while other holster-makers were selling copy-cat designs for twice the price. Lou replied: “I’m not in this to get rich. I want to sell at a fair price so law enforcement officers can afford good equipment.”

Lou Alessi Leather Holster

D.M. Clark, moderator of the 911 Jobs Forum, noted: “Lou was well known to all those in law enforcement, who found his gear to be beautifully made and durable beyond belief. Almost all custom holster craftsman today credit their designs and skills to the generous advice and support of Lou Alessi. [He was] truly a real gentlemen. RIP Lou.”

Jim Shepherd of the Shooting Wire adds: “[Alessi’s] reputation among his fellow holster-makers was a man who led by example…. That’s the same kind of reputation Alessi had among fellow holster makers coming up in the past two decades; if there was a question about how to do something, Alessi was always willing to share his insights. Insights many others considered their trade secrets.”

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