February 18th, 2009

Hodgdon Brothers Win NRA Pioneer Award

The winners of the 2009 NRA Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award are Robert E. Hodgdon and J.B. Hodgdon, officers of Hodgdon Powder Company. For nearly six decades the Hodgdon brothers have worked in the Kansas-based company founded by their father, Bruce E. Hodgdon.

Robert Hodgdon, J.B. Hodgdon

The Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award, now in its seventh year, honors outstanding personal achievement. “The award spotlights the exemplary achievement and cumulative body of work of an individual, members of a team or partnership, or family who were responsible for the development and introduction of shooting equipment that has made a profound, positive and enduring impact on the way Americans shoot and hunt,” said Joe Graham, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “This year’s winners are legend in our industry.” NRA Publications will present its annual Golden Bullseye Awards and Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award at an invitation-only reception during the 2009 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, May 15-17, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Expanded Product Line Now Includes Goex, IMR, and Winchester Powders
In the last decade, Hodgdon Powder Company has grown rapidly. In 2008, Hodgdon acquired the Goex line of Black Powder and Black Powder substitute products. In 2006, Hodgdon Powder Company and Winchester┬« Ammunition announced that Winchester┬« branded reloading powders would be licensed to Hodgdon. In 2003, Hodgdon purchased IMR┬« Powder Company. IMR powders continue to be manufactured in the same plant as before the company’s acquisition by Hodgdon. Today Hodgdon meets the needs of shooters, reloaders and hunters around the world with an extensive array of smokeless and blackpowder substitute propellants, and the company continues to bring innovative new products to market.

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