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June 6th, 2009

June Issue of Target Shooter Magazine

Vince Bottomley and his team of writers and photographers have released the June issue of Target Shooter online magazine. This third monthly edition is the most impressive so far. You’ll find a full 118 pages of articles, match reports, gear reviews, and shooting info. There are many interesting feature articles in this June issue, including a great story by Laurie Holland on Savage precision rifles.

Target Shooter Magazine

There is also Vince Bottomley’s regular column featuring updates on Benchrest events and gear. Vince provided a “spy shot” of the new rear bag from Sebastian Lambang (maker of SEB coaxial rests). In this design the “ears” are integrated into the main bag body. As Vince notes: “Seb has always been an [innovative] thinker.” The rear bag design is “radical” compared to most current designs, but it has an elegant simplicity that we like.

Target Shooter Magazine

Target Shooter is designed like a conventional magazine, with large, half-page and full-page ads. Believe it or not, we actually like perusing through the ads, because they illustrate many cool products not commonly seen in North America, such as RPA Precision rifles. It’s fascinating to see the high-end products marketed in the UK but not sold on the other side of the Atlantic.

Target Shooter Magazine

We think the Target Shooter staff is doing a great job with their new magazine and we strongly recommend you log on to and check it out. You can either browse Target Shooter online in a flip-page format, or download each monthly edition as a .zip archive for later reading.

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June 6th, 2009

Robotic 5-Axis Milling Machine Crafts Guns

Terminator RobotRise of the Machines? Well the latest Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation, was recently released, but we don’t think we’ll be facing a world dominated by evil robots anytime soon. Nonetheless, programmed automated milling machines are getting smarter and more capable than ever.

Here’s a remarkable video clip demonstrating state-of-the art CNC production of precision gun parts. In the video, created by STAMA America, an HK pistol gun breech is crafted from bar stock through a totally automated drilling/milling procedure. The breech is made by STAMA’s Model MC 726 MT, a unique five-axis, CNC milling/turning center. The five-axis machine is designed for continuous production of complex parts from bar stock and multiple different parts, including weapon components. CLICK HERE to play 5-minute YouTube Video.

YouTube Preview Image

The process shown in the 5-minute video actually takes 50 minutes to craft the breech, starting with a 60mm diameter section of 42 CrMo 4 steel. Amazingly, the 5-axis machine employs 25 separate tools in the operation!

STAMA states that its milling/turning machines “can produce even short runs of complex weapon parts in one operation with superior quality, finish and cost efficiencies. Typically, the Model MC 726 MT can result in up to 70% reductions in part processing time[.]”

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