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June 11th, 2009

Money-Saving 12-volt to 1.5-volt Battery Trick

12 volt battery 1.5 voltThese days, shooters use all sorts of battery-powered accessories: chronographs, electronic ear-muffs, wind meters, timers, laser-rangefinders, even pulse-monitors. While AA or AAA batteries are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, many modern digital gadgets use smaller (yet more expensive) 1.5-volt batteries.

Here’s a simple “hack” that gives you eight (8) 1.5-volt button batteries for the price of a single A23 Energizer 12-volt battery (about $2.00 per pair). If you use the 1.5-volt batteries, this could save you quite a bit of cash. Just peel open the Energizer A23 with a screwdriver and you’ll find eight 1.5-volt batteries inside.

Note — this trick is known to work only with the Energizer A23, 12-volt battery. If you use another brand of A23, you might just end up with a ruined A23 and nothing else.

YouTube Preview Image

For more interesting, money-saving projects, visit KipKay Videos.

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June 11th, 2009

Download our Free Targets

Recent visitors to the site may not know that we have an entire set of FREE TARGETS. There are sight-in targets, load development targets, Benchrest Targets, NRA Highpower targets, Scope Testing Targets, even a special set of Fun Targets.

Most of the targets come bundled in .zip archives, so you can easily download multiple targets with one click. The targets are saved in .pdf format, so they are easy to print and the scale is correct no matter what your screen resolution.

Here Forum member FireMedic shows some fine shootin’ with our basic Accuracy Target. With small, red diamonds and extended black lines, this target allows very precise aiming at 100 and 200 yards. The gray dot on top provides a reference point for a 200-yard zero. FireMedic reports: “My 30″, 12 twist, 3 groove does pretty good for an old Savage chambered in .308 Win.” With an average group size of 0.208 inches we’d have to agree. Great Shootin’ FireMedic!

Here are two fun targets you might enjoy. The Atomic Target was originally created as a contest for our readers. The design is by Michael Forester of Auckland, New Zealand. Hit the bigger green and red neutrons, then try your luck with the smaller electrons. In the center, go for true “bug-holes” with our Fly Shoot Target. Watch out for the bio-hazard rings!

You’ll find other excellent, downloadable training targets on the U.S. Palma Team Website, More than 50 free targets are offered, all in easy-printing .pdf format. Shown below is the “inside-out” fun target from the U.S. Palma Team site.

Palma Target

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