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June 18th, 2009

Sinclair Int'l Has Sellier & Bellot Sm and Lrg Rifle Primers

Sellier Bellot rifle primersDATELINE: June 18, 10:40 am Pacific Time
Here is an important product update. Sinclair International received a shipment of Sellier & Bellot rifle primers on June 15. These are good non-corrosive boxer primers made by a respected Czech munitions-maker. As of June 18, 10:30 am Pacific time, Sinclair has the following quantities of Sellier & Bellot rifle primers in stock:

S&B Sm Rifle Primers (item 25-8000): $33.60 per 1,000-ct box — 165 boxes in stock.

6/22/09 UPDATE: Sm Rifle SOLD OUT

S&B Lg Rifle Primers (item 25-8100): $36.40 per 1,000-ct box — 455 boxes in stock.

6/22/09 UPDATE: 150 boxes Lg Rifle remaining

Sinclair tells us: “The primers are leaving fast so if you need large or small rifle primers or know someone who does we have some at the moment. Visit our website at to check availability or call 1-800-717-8211. We have more large rifle primers than small rifle primers. Please limit yourself to 5,000 primers since many of your fellow shooters are without any primers at the present time.”

Sellier Bellot rifle primers

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June 18th, 2009

Advanced K&M Arbor Press at Precision Reloading

The full line of K&M reloading tools and accessories is now offered by The popular K&M Arbor press (with optional seating force measurement gauge) is in stock. The K&M arbor costs $78.00, or $115.00 with the force measurement system. This clever design uses a Belleville washer stack and linkage to show the force required to seat your bullet on a standard dial indicator mounted on the top (dial indicator is $22 extra.) In addition, Precision Reloading offers K&M neck-turning tools, primer seaters, expanders, neck reamers, and flash-hole uniformers.

This editor has tried out many different arbor presses. The K&M is my favorite. For me, the force measurement system acts like a warning light, telling me if something is way off in the bullet seating process. If you see the dial indicator needle jumping around wildly, or spiking too soon, you know that case has excessive neck tension, or perhaps the bullet is oversize in diameter (it happens). Currently, the K&M is the only arbor press with a seating-force gauge. The only down-side to the K&M arbor is that you must adjust multiple bolts to set the ram height. By contrast, the Sinclair Int’l Arbor and some other arbors feature a quick-release lever that lets you adjust ram height quickly and easily.

Based in Mitchell, South Dakota, Precision Reloading is run by active, knowledgeable shooters. In addition to centerfire reloading supplies and tools, Precision Reloading offers a full line of shotshell components and shotgun reloading equipment, plus optics, cleaning supplies, gun cases, and hunting gear. This month Precision Reloading is running an optics sale on Bushnell, Sightron, and Vortex scopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

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June 18th, 2009

Eddie Bauer Files for Bankruptcy, then Agrees to Buy-out

Hurt by a big reduction in sales and burdened by overwhelming debt payments, Seattle-based Eddie Bauer Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EBHI) filed June 17 for bankruptcy protection. It then took only a day for the troubled outdoor retailer to be grabbed by a NY-based private equity firm, CCMP Capital Advisors LLC.

CCMP has agreed to take over Eddie Bauer in a $202 million deal. CCMP plans to eliminate most of Eddie Bauer’s long-term debt, and has pledged to keep most of the retailer’s 371 stores open. According to Eddie Bauer representatives, CCMP will retain the majority of Eddie Bauer employees.

Until the deal is finalized, Eddie Bauer will operate under Bankruptcy rules. Eddie Bauer said it hopes to operate business as usual during bankruptcy court proceedings and has asked for court approval to continue paying vendors and workers. The company also said it intends to honor customer gift cards, returns and loyalty program points. In its bankruptcy filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Eddie Bauer Holdings Inc. declared total assets of $525.22 million in April vs. total liabilities of $448.9 million.

The Eddie Bauer company was started in 1920 by Eddie Bauer, an avid outdoorsman (and former stock boy). His business grew rapidly when he offered an “unconditional guarantee”, something very rare at the time. Bauer called his guarantee “his creed” and it became a cornerstone of the Eddie Bauer business.

History of Eddie Bauer Business.

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