December 12th, 2009

Krieger 6mm Gain Twists on Sale at Bruno Shooters Supply

Krieger barrelsBruno Shooters Supply is running a holiday sale on Krieger 6mm Gain Twist (GT) barrels. Short-range GT barrels cost $249.95 while long-range GT barrels are $269.00. Gain twist barrels have performed very well in recent short-range benchrest matches and long-range shooters have started to experiment with them in faster twists for the longer bullets.

Many Gain-Twist Options Offered
For short-range benchrest rigs, Heavy Varmint, Light Varmint, or Medium contour 6mm slow-twist GT barrels are offered in 15-14.2 twist, 14.6-13.8 twist, or 14.2-13.4 twist, all with a 27″ length, and a $249.95 price. For tactical, 600-yard, or long-range, Krieger 6mm GT barrels are offered in 8.75-8.3 twist rate for $269.00. Available contours are: #14, 15, 16 Palma; Heavy Varmint (1.250″ x .900″); and 1.250″ straight. Length is 31″ on the fast-twist 6mm barrels. Bruno’s also offers 29″-long, 1.450″ straight-diameter gain twist Krieger barrels for rail guns. These cost $315.00. For more info, visit or call Bruno’s at (623) 587-7641.

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