December 3rd, 2009

CMP Taking Orders for Rem 40X Rifles and Barreled Actions

CMP Remington 40X rifle

The CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Sales division has secured a limited supply of Remington Model 40X target rifles and 40X barreled actions. The rifles are single shot, bolt-action rifles returned to Army inventory by ROTC and JROTC units. What remains for sale are heavy-barreled target rifles with standard stocks (item R22M40XHB), plus 40X models with shortened stocks for juniors (item R22M40XHBSS). These rifles are missing the front and rear sights, handstops, slings, and the intermediate bases for mounting scopes. Otherwise, these rifles are complete and do function. Bases are present for the front and rear sights. The stocks have the typical dings, dents, gouges, and scratches, and may not be the original style with stocks possibly having aftermarket adjustable buttpads. In addition to the rifles, two kinds of 40X barreled actions are offered — either heavy barrel version or standard barrel. Prices start at $275.00 for item R22M40XBR, a stripped receiver and standard barrel (no other parts).

CMP Remington 40X rifle

The Remington Model 40X is a single-shot, .22LR bolt-action rifle. Overall length is 46.5″, with a 28″, six-groove barrel (standard or heavy contour). The heavy barrel model has a barrel diameter at the muzzle of 7/8″ while the sporter model measures 3/4″ at the muzzle. All of these rifles are returns from JROTC and have been in use for decades. NOTE: Rifles are sold without sights. A limited number of sights are available (while quantities last) on the CMP Estore; click on the Part Surplus tab.

Estore Reservation Required Prior to Purchase
To order a surplus Remington 40X rifle or barreled receiver you must first reserve the item through the CMP’s Estore. Once you place this order your rifle will be reserved for the next 14 days — pending CMP receipt of your hard copy order and CMP eligibility verification. If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, you will receive a confirmation email. The Rem 40X rifles are listed under the Rifles Surplus tab. To place a reservation you must login with your CMP Estore ID or otherwise create a new account at

CMP Remington 40X rifle

Credit Forum Member Gary Wood for finding this Rem 40X sale opportunity. Thanks Gary!

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