December 27th, 2009

Sources for Official NRA, IBS, and NBRSA Targets offers dozens of FREE, printable targets for target practice, load development, and fun shooting. We also offer a few samples of the most popular NRA Bullseye targets. One or more of these printable targets should work for most training purposes. However, some readers have asked “where can we get the real targets… exactly like the ones used in NRA, IBS and NBRSA shooting matches?”

NRA Target IBS Hunter Rifle Target

Sources for Official Shooting Competition Targets
Here are six (6) sources for official match targets: ALCO Target Company, American Target Company, National Target Company, Orrville Printing,, and U.S. Target Company. All five of these vendors carry nearly all the NRA High Power and Smallbore targets, including the new, smaller F-Class Targets. Most sources also have international 300m and 300m-reduced-to-300-yards targets.

National Target and Orrville Printing currently sell IBS targets for rimfire (50 yard) benchrest, short-range centerfire Benchrest (100, 200, 300 yards), Hunter BR Rifle (100, 200, 300 yards), plus the official 600-yard and 1000-yard IBS targets. However, this year the IBS designated Orrville Printing as the official source for IBS 100-200-300-600 group and score targets. Orrville Printing was selected after an extensive review of available target papers in 2008. Clubs hosting IBS registered shoots may use up old stock, but new purchases should be from Orrville Printing.

We are told that National Target supplies NBRSA matches. One other NRA-licensed target vendors is Central Target Company (Kentucky), (502) 895-3390, but it appears that Central Target doesn’t maintain a web site.

Available Official Competition Targets
Vendor NRA High Power F-Class NRA Smallbore Air Rifle/Pistol IBS NBRSA Other
ALCO Target
Yes, All No Yes Yes No No Archery, IDPA, IPSC, Police, Realistic, Shoot-N-C, Silhouette, Fun Targets, Pasters.
American Target
Yes, All Yes Yes, All Yes No No USBR, Sight-in, Muzzle-Loading, Police Silhouette
National Target
Yes, Nearly All Yes Yes, All Yes Yes* No IDPA, IPSC, FBI, Police Silhouette, Sight-in, Target Backers, Pasters Yes Yes Yes, most and color training Yes Yes No Bianchi, FBI, IBS, IDPA, IPSC, Silhouette, Archery, Pasters
U.S. Target, Inc. Yes Yes Yes, All Yes No No Bianchi, FBI, Police Silhouette, IPSC, Realistic Silhouette, Varmint
*National Target Co. is allowed to sell off remaining IBS Target inventory.

ALCO Target Co., Ph: (626) 358-4814, 2048 Central Ave., Duarte, CA 91010
American Target Co., Ph: (877) 733-0433, 1328 South Jason St., Denver, CO 80223
National Target Co., Ph: (800) 827-7060, 3958-D Dartmouth Ct., Frederick, MD 21703
Orrville Printing Co., Ph: (330) 682-5066, 1645 N. Main St., Orrville, OH 44667, Ph: (618) 288-4588, 12 Schiber Court, Maryville, IL 62062
U.S. Target Inc., Ph: (800) 746-6836, 16472 Common Rd., Roseville, MI 48066

NBRSA 600 yard Target NRA Air Rifle Target

Alternate NBRSA Target Source
NBRSA 600-yard and 1000-yard targets are also available from Karl Huntstiger, wfo13 [at], 2901 E. Cortez Street, Phoenix, AZ 85068.

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