April 7th, 2010

FREE April Target Shooter Magazine is Full of Great Content

Congratulations to Carl Boswell, Vince Bottomley, Andy Dubreuil, Laurie Holland and all the staff at Target Shooter online magazine. Target Shooter has released its April 2010 First Anniversary issue, and it may be the best yet. The hardware photography is high quality and there is something for everyone — from Benchresters to Tactical shooters. You can view the 110-page April issue for FREE at www.targetshooter.co.uk.

Carl tells us: “Yes, this is our first anniversary issue and we have it packed with articles.” Here are some of the recommended articles in the April Anniversary Edition of Target Shooter:

  • Loading for the .308, Part 6 — Laurie Holland continues his informative reloading series.
  • SEB Neo Coaxial Rest — Vince Bottomley reviews one of the most impressive rests on the market. This is a very thorough review which compares the old SEB Coax with the SEB NEO side by side.
  • Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest — Carl Boswell looks at these rapidly evolving disciplines.
  • Gallery Rifle 1500 — Gwyn Roberts continues his course on Gallery Rifle Basics.
  • New GBR Custom Action — A New Rem 700-footprint action made in the UK.
  • Steyr LG110 Field Test — Tim Finley reviews the Steyr LG110 rifle for Field Target.

Definitely check out the latest edition of Target Shooter magazine. Laurie Holland is one of the best technical gun writers in the business, and when Vince Bottomley reviews a product, he delivers intelligent conclusions you can “take to the bank”. As a special bonus, this April edition includes exclusive reports from the IWA Expo in Germany — the “Euro Shot Show”.

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