April 23rd, 2010

MidwayUSA Blemished Bullets Sale — Big Savings

MidwayUSA was able to take advantage of a Special Buy on factory-blemished bullets. These bullets have slight cosmetic defects that should not alter performance. These blem bullets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with sale prices in effect through April 30, 2010. MidwayUSA shows a 6.5mm (.264) 129gr poly-tip (probably a Hornady) on sale, but it appears the 129s may have sold out already.

Blemished Bullet SalesThere are still some great deals. The remaining inventory of blem bullets includes:

17 Cal (.177) Varmint Bullets, 20gr FMJ, Item 685063
Regularly $16.99, NOW $10.49 per 100

25 Cal (.257 ) 100gr Spitzer, Item 817547
Regularly $21.99, NOW $14.29 per 100

.270 Cal (.277) 110gr HPBT, Item 513312
Regularly $23.49, now $15.19 per 100

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