June 22nd, 2010

Garand Assembly Diagram Printed on Large Mats

Here’s a handy product for our readers who collect military rifles or who shoot in the CMP’s Garand Matches. Second Star to the Right, a company based in Stonewall, Lousiana, offers vinyl mats printed with the breakdown/assembly instructions for the M1 Garand. These mats are faithful reproductions of the 1952 Army instruction diagram used to train GIs and armorers. There are two models: 1) 30″ x 26″ Deluxe heavy-weight version with grommets ($25.00); and 2) 19″ x 14″ “Collectors Edition” lighter-weight version ($17.00). You can either use the mat draped on your bench as a cleaning surface, or hang it on the wall for decoration.

In addition to its M1 Garand mats, Second Star plans to introduce mats for other firearms such as the M14, M1 Carbine, and M16. For more information call Second Star at (318) 560-2579. Second Star’s website is not yet active, but you can send email to: the2ndstar2010@yahoo.com .

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