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September 6th, 2010

New Match-Grade .308 Win FULLBORE Ammo From Bryan Litz

Litz Applied Ballistics .308 Fullbore AmmoApplied Ballistics, run by top Palma shooter Bryan Litz, now offers extremely high-quality loaded match ammunition for .308 Fullbore (Palma) shooters. The new Applied Ballistics “FULLBORE” ammo, priced at $38.00/box, is unlike anything on the market. It features the best available components, with individually-weighed charges. Independent testing shows this ammo offers extremely low ES and SD with accuracy comparable to precision hand-loaded cartridges.

Bryan Litz tells us: “Applied Ballistics’ FULLBORE ammunition is not just another ‘factory ammo’ option. This ammo is loaded specifically for the rifles and chambers commonly used in international-style Palma and Fullbore shooting.” Bryan cited the important qualities which make his FULLBORE ammo unique:

  • AB FULLBORE is the only .308 Win Ammo with Individually-Weighed Charges.
  • AB FULLBORE is the only .308 Win Ammo with Berger Bullets AND Lapua Brass.
  • AB FULLBORE is the only .308 Win Ammo Optimized for Int’l Fullbore Competition.
  • AB FULLBORE is the only .308 Win Ammo with Independently-Verified Single-Digit SD.

Litz Applied Ballistics .308 Fullbore Ammo

What Makes Applied Ballistics’ FULLBORE Ammo Special
Unlike most factory ammo, AB FULLBORE powder charges are carefully weighed, not metered, which helps to minimize muzzle velocity variation. Velocity averages over 3000 fps from 30″ barrels with Standard Deviation (SD) typically under 10 fps. Components are the best available, according to Bryan: “The ammo is loaded with Berger 155.5 grain bullets and Lapua brass. These are the same components I’ve had success with for years. The brass preparation, loading techniques, and QC steps that I’ve implemented for larger-scale production insure this ammo is good enough to win at the highest levels.”

Litz Applied Ballistics .308 Fullbore Ammo

Applied Ballistics FULLBORE Ammo Already Proven in Competition
Can this pre-loaded FULLBORE ammo really rival handloads in competition? Yes it can, according to Bryan: “I’ve been prototyping and testing ammo this past year and have had very good results. One notable achievement was a 150-15X fired at 900 yards during a coached team match in Lodi, WI during the Midwest Palma Tournament.”

Brian adds: “This ammo is the perfect option for someone who doesn’t enjoy handloading but still wants the accuracy, consistency and performance of handloaded ammunition. It’s also a good option for beginners who haven’t learned how to reload and/or don’t yet have the equipment but want to train and compete with quality ammunition.”

Tierney Tests New FULLBORE Ammo and Rates It Highly
Jerry Tierney, past NBRSA 600-yard and 1000-yard Champion and skilled Palma shooter, has tested the new ammo extensively. In comparison tests with Jerry’s own .308 Win handloads, the Applied Ballistics FULLBORE ammo shot great. Jerry concluded: “The Applied Ballistics 155.5 grain FULLBORE loads matched the best I can do hand loading. They fit the new 2011 fullbore chamber very well. I would not hesitate to use this FULLBORE ammo in any match anywhere.”

Notably, the Applied Ballistics ammo had a lower ES and SD than Jerry’s handloads. One five-shot group of the FULLBORE ammo had an ES of 7 fps and SD of 2 fps — that’s remarkably low. Four groups shot with Tierney’s handloads at 300 yards averaged 0.449 MOA, vs. 0.498 MOA for two groups of the Applied Ballistics ammo, so the accuracy is very close to the best precision handloads.

Click Here for complete Jerry Tierney Applied Ballistics Ammo Test Results (PDF file).

Coming Next — Applied Ballistics Tactical .308 Win and .338 Lapua Magnum Ammo
Applied Ballistics plans to release more types of high-quality loaded ammo in the months ahead. Bryan reports: “Future plans include a .308 load optimized for tactical applications. This will be a magazine-length round probably with a 175 grain bullet with favorable transonic stability. Eventually I’d like to offer a .338 Lapua Magnum tactical/hunting round loaded with Berger’s 300 grain Hybrid bullet.”

Bryan explains that he is developing .308 Win tactical ammo, because the FULLBORE product is made specifically for Palma work: “The fact that the FULLBORE ammo is optimized for the target application means it’s not necessarily ideal for other uses. For example, the rounds are too long to feed through standard-length magazines so they’re not of much use for tactical shooters. Also the seating depth is optimized for the chambers typically used in custom target rifles so it’s not the best option for factory (SAAMI) chambers.”

To order Applied Ballistics’ .308 Win FULLBORE ammo, visit Bryan’s website, which features secure online ordering. Currently, .308 Win FULLBORE ammo is priced at $38.00 per 20-round box (shipping extra).

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September 6th, 2010

Defunct Lock, Stock & Barrel Sells Customer List to MidwayUSA

lock, stock, and barrelLock, Stock, & Barrel (LS&B), a family-run vendor of ammunition, reloading supplies, and shooting accessories, has gone out of business. We’ve been informed that the Nebraska-based business filed for bankruptcy and that the doors are shut for good.

We’re sad to see any business failure in our industry. often had attractive specials, particularly on optics. But, ultimately, they couldn’t compete with the larger online retailers, such as Midsouth Shooters Supply, Graf & Sons, and MidwayUSA.

LS&B Customer List To Be Sold to MidwayUSA — Opt-Out Procedure
The remaining inventory and assets of LS&B are being sold off. As part of that process, LS&B is selling its customer list to MidwayUSA. LS&B recently sent out this email notice to its past customers: “[LS&B] ceased doing business and intends to sell its inventory and customer list, including personally identifiable nformation (‘PII’), consisting of your name, address, phone number and e-mail address (no credit card, banking, or other personal or financial information) to Midway Arms, Inc., dba MidwayUSA[.]”

If you are a past Lock, Stock, & Barrel customer and you do NOT want your information shared with MidwayUSA, please follow the “opt-out” instructions in the recent email, or send a request to be removed from the mailing list to: .

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