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September 8th, 2010

Match Report: IBS 1000-Yard Nationals in Harris, Minnesota

The 2010 IBS 1000-Yard Nationals took place September 1-4 at the Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club (GRRC) in Harris, MN. There were three days of shooting for both Light Gun (LG) and Heavy Gun (HG) classes, with IBS, NBRSA and Williamsport rifles eligible. There was some rain on Thursday (Day 1) that delayed the afternoon relays, but, overall, Thursday had the best conditions. Mike Wieland of GRRC reports that winds were very strong on Friday (Day 2), while on Saturday (Day 3) “a breeze developed that provided a challenging condition and kept the groups bigger and the scores lower for most of the shooters”. The very strong winds on Day 2 also produced a number of DQs.

IBS 1000 yard Nationals GRRC MN

Bauer Wins Two-Gun and Heavy Gun; Baron Graham Wins Light Gun
The Overall Two-Gun Match Winner was Jim Bauer, who shot a 6mm Dasher in LG and a 300 Ackley in HG. Both guns were smithed by Gordy Gritters and featured Krieger Barrels, BAT actions, and Shehane stocks. In his Dasher, Jim loaded Spencer bullets with Reloder 15. For his Heavy, Jim used Berger bullets with Reloder 25. Jim’s match Aggs were 8.879 for LG and 9.694 for HG. Finishing Second Overall in Two-Gun was Jim Isaacson, followed by Jay Cutright (3rd), David Powley (4th), and John Stecik (5th).

Match Two-Gun Winner Jim Bauer also won the Heavy Gun Division with his Gritters-built 300 Ackley. Close behind were runner-up Steve Sabo shooting a 300 WSM (Broughton barrel, BAT action), and third-place Jay Cutright shooting a Bartlein-barreled big 7mm wildcat. Fourth and fifth in HG, respectively, were Tod Soeby (300 WSM), and James Isaacson (6.5×47 Lapua). Though there were quite a few 6mms used in HG class, the big boomers dominated the top positions.

Baron Graham shot very impressively to win the Light Gun Division. Baron shot a big 30 wildcat (300 Atlas), built by Leonard Baity. In his Krieger-barreled 300 Atlas, Baron shot used Berger Bullets with Reloder 25 powder. Second in LG was Jon Ammerman shooting a 6XC, followed by David Powley (3rd, 6-6.5×47), James Isaacson (4th, 6.5×47), and Gordy Mitchell (5th, 6mmBR). Though Baron’s big 30 won LG overall, the mid-size 6mm and 6.5mm cartridges did very well. Though a Dasher didn’t crack the Top Five in Light Gun, there were a bunch of Dashers on the line. This little cartridge, an improved version of the 6mmBR case, is really coming into its own in 1K competition, as is the 6.5×47 Lapua.

IBS 1000 yard Nationals GRRC MN

The Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club crew did an excellent job running the firing line, working the pits, handling targets, as well as doing the scoring and information gathering. Mike Wieland of GRRC says: “Thank you to all the volunteers, the sponsors and the shooters who made this a success!”

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September 8th, 2010

Zeiss 85mm DiaScope Spotting Scope Wins Best of Best Award

The new Zeiss Victory DiaScope 85mm spotting scope from Carl Zeiss has won Field & Stream magazine’s prestigious Best of the Best Award for 2010. This annual awards program recognizes the most innovative and best-designed products in the hunting industry. In the September issue of Field & Stream, the magazine’s reviewer wrote: “The DiaScope is superior in sharpness, focus, zoom and armored construction. When I tested for waterproofness, it floated. I could judge buck antelope miles away with it on a cloudy day. The cost can be made up in saved boot leather. – T.M.”

Zeiss Diascope 85mm 20-75X

Zeiss 85mm Diascope Also Earned Outdoor Life and Hunting Magazine Honors
This marks the third major industry award for the ZEISS DiaScope this year. The 85mm DiaScope also won the 2010 Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award and Petersen’s Hunting magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. The DiaScope is available in 65mm or 85mm models, straight or angled, and newly-designed eyepieces include the Vario D 20-75X, one of the most powerful and versatile eyepieces on the market today. All DiaScope eyepieces boast Zeiss’ LotuTecĀ® water-repellant coating and a new bayonet locking system that securely locks the eyepieces yet still allows quick eyepiece changing.

At the 2010 SHOT Show, this Editor had a chance to interview Stephan Albrecht, Project Engineer for the impressive new 85mm Diascope. In the video below, Stephan explains the important new features of the award-winning spotting scope, including the dual-speed focus system and the new, high-power 20-75X eyepiece.

YouTube Preview Image
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September 8th, 2010

NSSF Supports ATF Modernization Legislation

ATF logo FirearmsThe National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is supporting the passage of new legislation, Senate Bill 941, that would expand “due process” rights for Federal Firearms License holders. The proposed law, titled “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Reform and Firearms Modernization Act of 2009″, provides the ATF with additional “non-doomsday” regulatory options (short of revocation) while at the same time affording licensees more rights and due process in the regulatory scheme.

The bi-partisan bill was introduced by Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). It would allow ATF new powers to issue fines and suspend licenses of federal firearms licensees (as opposed to current regulations which only allow for license revocation). The legislation would also allow ATF to distinguish between more serious violations and “benign/administrative” violations. Furthermore, the legislation would create an appeals process, whereby FFLs would have cases heard before a neutral administrative law judge, rather than an ATF official.

NSSF supports S. 941 because it helps protect the rights of FFLs while giving ATF more tools (beyond license revocation) to ensure licensee compliance. Companion legislation in the House was introduced by Rep. Steve King (R- Iowa) and Zack Space (D-Ohio).

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