July 10th, 2011

Can’t Fix Your Car? Just Shoot it … Porsche Charity Shoot-Out

Jalopnik Porsche 911 target practiceHere’s an amusing story, if a sad one for Porsche fans. After his Porsche 911 sports car broke down, the owner, faced with a massive repair bill, decided to donate the vehicle to a local charity — the Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A), a group that works for gun law reform in Massachusetts. Well Comm2A, with co-sponsor Northeast Shooters, decided the best use of the donated Porsche was as a target! The two organizations hosted a fund-raising shoot-out, with the Porsche as the star of the show.

Jaloponik blog writer Matt Hardigree explains: “After the engine of his Porsche 911 decided to die (and take much of the cooling system along with it in some kind of powertrain suicide pact), the owner considered the $20,000 repair job and instead decided to donate the car to a non-profit. A non-profit dedicated to protecting gun rights. [A]pproximately 140 people showed up for the fundraiser. It’s difficult to know exactly how much ammo was spent decimating the Porsche, but 10,000 seems to be the conservative estimate.”
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Editor’s Comment: While I understand the purpose of the fund raiser, I wonder if the Porsche would have be worth more in parts value than the sum collected from the shooters. On the other hand, as Jalopnik’s Hardigree writes: “Who hasn’t wanted to take a few shots at a 911, even an older model, after years of dealing with Porsche drivers?”

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