August 8th, 2011

Nat’l High Power Championships Commence with Team Matches

The 2011 NRA National High Power Rifle Championships kicked off Sunday August 7th, with the first series of Team matches including the Whistler Boy High Power Team Match and the NRA 2nd Amendment Team Match. Initial Team results are posted below. Sunday was a great day for the young CA Grizzlies– junior shooters from California. One Grizzlies squad won the Whistler Boy match, and a second Grizzlies crew placed fourth. Way to go Grizzlies! Following the Team Matches, the individual competition begins. As results are posted throughout the week, we shall see if last year’s overall champion, Sherri Gallagher, can repeat her winning performance from last year.

High Power Team Match Results (Pending Certification)

Whistler Boy High Power Team Match
1. CA Grizzlies Mother Lode – 965-24X
2. ASRP Gold – 963-24X
3. NCRPA Gold – 959-20X
4. CA Grizzlies Richmond – 957-27X
5. WLCSINC – 952-23X

NRA 2nd Amendment Team Match
1. Sierra Gold – 991-57X
2. Sierra Dave & Ron – 990-47X
3. Richard Associates Frenzl – 989-44X
4. AMU Match Rife – 987-56X
5. Remington Bushmaster – 986-44X

NRA-Springfield M1A Match
1. Bill Bowers – 483-13X
2. William Walter – 480-13X
3. Shawn McKenna – 480-13X
4. Jeremy Castle – 475-5X
5. Sara Rozanski – 474-11X

Photos courtesy The NRA Blog.

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