August 14th, 2011

NRA Long Range Rifle Championship Is Underway

The NRA National Long Range Championship commenced Saturday, August 13 with the Band of Brothers Trophy Match followed by the Mustin Trophy Match. All Long Range matches are shot from the prone position from ranges between 800 and 1,000 yards. The Band of Brothers Match course of fire was twenty shots at 1,000 yards. Saturday’s second event, the Mustin Match, was also shot slow fire in the prone position from 1,000 yards. Mustin competitors have more time than during the High Power Championships, being allotted 30 minutes to get off their 20 shots for record on the Long Range targets.

Whidden Leads LR Championship, Not Dropping a Point So Far
Last year John Whidden won the Mustin Match with a 198-11X and a shoot off score of 100-8X. Whidden won again this year, shooting 200-9X to edge David Tubb by two Xs. With his Mustin win, and his second-place showing in this year’s Band of Brothers Match, Whidden is leading the 2011 Long Range Championship so far, not dropping a point in either event. Listed below are initial results:

Band of Brothers Trophy Match
1. Lance Dement, 200-14X
2. John Whidden, 200-14X
3. Tyrel Cooper, 200-13X
4. Phillip Crowe, 200-12X
5. Justin Skaret, 200-12X
Mustin Trophy Match
1. John Whidden, 200-9X
2. David Tubb, 200-7X
3. Norman Houle, 199-12X
4. Rodrigo Rosa, 199-11X
5. Sherri Gallagher, 199-11X

Mustin Trophy Match Video

Photos, video and report courtesy The NRA Blog.

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