August 17th, 2011

NRA Honors Long-Range Shooters at Awards Ceremony

Many of the nation’s top shooters were honored Tuesday evening during the NRA Long Range Championship Awards Ceremony. Standing tall on the podium was David Tubb, 2011 Long-Range National Champion. This is the seventh time Tubb has won the Long-Range title. Last year’s Long-Range Champion, John Whidden, finished second. Notably, Rodrigo Rosa finished third — a superb performance by a relative newcomer to the competition. In addition to the Mumma trophy for the LR Championship, numerous other awards were given for the many separate long range trophy matches conducted over the past week. Among the award-winners were Rodrigo Rosa, John Whidden, Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher, Noma Mayo, and SGT Sherri Gallagher, 2010 High Power National Champion.

David Tubb 2011 Long Range Championship

Top 10 NRA Long Range High Power Finishers

  • 1. David Tubb, 1249-68X
  • 2. John Whidden, 1247-68X
  • 3. Rodrigo Rosa, 1244-53X
  • 4. Robert Steketee, 1243-48X
  • 5. Kent Reeve, 1242-75X
  • 6. Brandon Green, 1241-73X
  • 7. Michelle Gallagher, 1240-64X
  • 8. Nancy Tompkins, 1239-72X
  • 9. Steven McGee, 1239-54X
  • 10. Kevin Nevius, 1239-52X
Photos courtesy The NRA Blog.

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