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August 19th, 2011

Junior Shooter Wins Optics Category at National Defense Match

NRA National Defense Match Camp PerryAt the recent National Defense Match at Camp Perry, one young man gained more than just experience at his first rifle match — he took home top honors. 14 year-old Colton Cerino won first place in the Optics Category, no small feat for a young man competing with a rifle for the very first time. Shooting a FNH SCAR, Colton beat many older, experienced shooters, including his own father, Chris Cerino. Chris, you may recall, was the runner-up on Season 1 of The History Channel’s Top Shot TV show. Chris nearly won the open division, falling short only to his friend, Iain Harrison, (Top Shot’s Season 1 Champ) in the Open Category. Both Chris and Colton competed together at the 2011 Bianchi Cup, but for Colton, Camp Perry was his time to shine.

“Everyone noticed him and came up to talk to him, which was really cool” said Chris of his son Colton, who trained with his father for just three days before shooting the National Defense Match. Chris added: “If you’re going to lose to anyone, you might as well lose to your own son!”

Match Can Be a Family Affair
In addition to Colton, three other juniors shot the match including fellow 14 year-old competitors Remington Judd, Phoenix Hutchins, and Duncan Stewart. All four young men came to the match to compete with a family member. Like Colton, Duncan competed alongside his father, Zeb Stewart, who was also a Range Officer. Remington shot the match with his older brother, Nathan, and Phoenix competed with his grandfather, Dick Jones. “I designed the match after shooting with my sons,” revealed Match Director Trey Tuggle. “It’s something that everyone can do, from beginners to people who have been competing for years.”

Story by Kerrin Brinkman for The NRA Blog.
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August 18th, 2011

Big Turn-Out at Montana Northwest 1000-Yard Championships

The Montana Northwest 1000-Yard Benchrest Association held its annual Championship match last weekend at the Deep Creek Range near Missoula, Montana. The match drew talent from across the nation. 57 shooters attended the two-day event, and many states were represented: California, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington — even Pennsylvania.

Dashers Dominate Two-Gun Results
Dashers ruled the roost for the most part, with four of the top five in the Two-Gun shooting 6mm Dashers. Leo Anderson (Dasher) finished first in Two-Gun, followed by Robert Hoppe (Dasher), Mike Thomas (Dasher), Richard Schatz (Dasher), and Don Nielson (6.5×47 Lapua). Leo Anderson also won the Heavy Gun Overall, followed by Dennis Peterson, and Robert Hoppe. Cody Finch topped the 17-pound class, ahead of runner-up Robert Hoppe, with Leo Anderson coming in third. Lonnie Anderson won the 11-Pound Sporter Class, ahead of Scott Nix and Kevin Watson.

Montana NW 1000-yard Association

Conditions Were Hot But Relatively Calm
Montana shooter Tom Mousel, who finished 6th in the two-gun overall, reports that: “It was a very calm, high pressure weekend, so much of the home field advantage wasn’t there. There was some mirage in the 90° heat, but mirage was really quite manageable. The stable conditions made for a very close match, with competitors from outside Montana giving the locals a run for their money.” As usual, the club had a rich prize table — there were over $27,000.00 worth of prizes and give-aways.

Highlights for the weekend included Barry Bluhm’s 3.624″/99 in Heavy Gun class on Saturday. Barry, who shots a 6-6.5×47 Lapua, proved you don’t have to run a Dasher to shoot small. Three perfect 100 scores were shot at the match. In Light Gun, Roger Hoppe fired a 100/5.947″ on Saturday, while Mike Thomas got his first perfect score with a 100/6.664″ on Sunday with his Light Gun. Deep Creek Ace Leo Anderson nailed a 100/5.432″ in the Heavy Gun class on Sunday.

Two-Gun Overall
1. Leo Anderson 15
2. Robert Hoppe 17
3. Mike Thomas 20
4. Richard Schatz 22
5. Don Nielson 23
6. Tom Mousel 26
7. Cody Finch 28
8. Bud Williams 28
9. Jack Peterson 30
10. Monte Foust 31
Heavy Gun Overall
1. Leo Anderson 6
2. Dennis Peterson 9 (5.876″)
3. Robert Hoppe 9 (8.3155″)
4. Mike Hern 9 (8.419″)
5. Tom Mousel 10 (7.083″)
6. Mike Thomas 10 (9.0685″)
7. Richard Schatz 10 (9.8235″)
8. Don Nielson 11
9. Vince Kruse 13
10. Lonnie Anderson 14
17-Pound Gun Overall
1. Cody Finch 7
2. Robert Hoppe 8
3. Leo Anderson 9
4. Mike Thomas 10 (7.1765″)
5. Bud Williams 10 (7.566″)
6. Jack Peterson 10 (7.609″)
7. Monte Foust 12 (8.690″)
8. Don Nielson 12 (8.787″)
9. Richard Schatz 12 (9.165″)
10. Ray Huffman 12 (9.294″)
11-Pound Sporter Class
1. Lonnie Anderson 6
2. Scott Nix 7
3. Kevin Watson 9
4. Cody Finch 10
5. Terry Hettich 13
6. Richard Schatz 13
7. Dirk Bluhm 15
8. Jack Peterson 17
9. Gary Christian 17
10. Bruce Bangeman 17

Leo Anderson Equipment:
Light Gun: 6mm Dasher, Stiller Viper drop port, Lawrence rifle barrel, Nightforce scope, Shehane stock, metal smithing by King Machine.
Heavy Gun: 6mm Dasher, Stiller Viper drop port, Lawrence rifle barrel, Nightforce scope, Bangeman stock, metal smithing by King Machine.

Dennis Peterson Equipment:
Light Gun + Heavy Gun (Dennis shoots one 17-pounder in both): 6mm Dasher, Defiance action, Lawrence rifle barrel, Nightforce scope, Shehane stock, smithing by Jeff Lawrence.

Match Sponsors Included: Bartlein Barrels, BAT Machine, Berger Bullets, Brownells, Burris, D&B Supply, Defiance, Dewey Mfg., Forster Products, Hodgdon Powder, Ron Hoehn, Lee Precision, Leica, Krieger Barrels, Lilja Barrels, Don Nielson, Nikon, Pacific Tool & Gauge, Pro-Shot, Sierra Bullets, Sure-Fire, Swarovski, Vortex Optics and Zeiss.

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August 18th, 2011

New 2-Man Team Challenge in New Mexico This Fall

This fall, November 4-6, 2011, a new two-man tactical challenge match will be held at the Blue Steel Ranch in Logan, NM (site of the popular Steel Safari match). Sponsored by Competition Dynamics and Thunder Beast Arms, the 2011 Thunder Beast Team Challenge (TBTC) is a 3-day, 8-stage test of practical field rifle shooting and related skills. This will be a physically-demanding match! Two-man teams must navigate rugged desert terrain, recognize, locate, range, and engage multiple rifle targets from challenging shooting positions, and complete the 8-stage course under daily time constraints. Most targets will be steel plates, set at distances from 100 to 800 yards.

Zak Smith Thunder Beast Team Challenge

Skills used at the TBTC will include target recognition, range estimation, wind doping, trail skills, and marksmanship. The competition is designed to test a 2-man team’s skills shooting rifle and carbine to their effective ranges at practical targets in the natural terrain using what gear they can carry. One team member will use a precision bolt gun and while the other carries a tactical-style carbine. Targets for the carbine range from 20 to 400 yards, with some “move and shoot” assault-style stages. Bolt-gun targets are generally positioned at 150-800 yards

Zak Smith Thunder Beast Team ChallengeThe TBTC is being run by Competition Dynamics, whose staff has a proven 10-year track record as practical field match organizers. Zak Smith is Match Director. The TBTC will be held at the Blue Steel Ranch, a private ranch near Logan, New Mexico. The Blue Steel Ranch, which also hosts the Steel Safari, offers some of the best geography for field shooting available anywhere.

The Thunder Beast Team Challenge costs $585.00 per team. To register, or to learn more about the match, visit the 2011 Team Challenge webpage. Or, email thunderbeastarms [at]

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August 17th, 2011

NRA Honors Long-Range Shooters at Awards Ceremony

Many of the nation’s top shooters were honored Tuesday evening during the NRA Long Range Championship Awards Ceremony. Standing tall on the podium was David Tubb, 2011 Long-Range National Champion. This is the seventh time Tubb has won the Long-Range title. Last year’s Long-Range Champion, John Whidden, finished second. Notably, Rodrigo Rosa finished third — a superb performance by a relative newcomer to the competition. In addition to the Mumma trophy for the LR Championship, numerous other awards were given for the many separate long range trophy matches conducted over the past week. Among the award-winners were Rodrigo Rosa, John Whidden, Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher, Noma Mayo, and SGT Sherri Gallagher, 2010 High Power National Champion.

David Tubb 2011 Long Range Championship

Top 10 NRA Long Range High Power Finishers

  • 1. David Tubb, 1249-68X
  • 2. John Whidden, 1247-68X
  • 3. Rodrigo Rosa, 1244-53X
  • 4. Robert Steketee, 1243-48X
  • 5. Kent Reeve, 1242-75X
  • 6. Brandon Green, 1241-73X
  • 7. Michelle Gallagher, 1240-64X
  • 8. Nancy Tompkins, 1239-72X
  • 9. Steven McGee, 1239-54X
  • 10. Kevin Nevius, 1239-52X
Photos courtesy The NRA Blog.
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August 17th, 2011

NRA National Gun Collectors Show August 20-21 in Dallas, TX

If you’re located near Texas, you may want to gas up the family vehicle and head out to Dallas this weekend. The NRA’s 16th Annual National Gun Collectors Show will be held in Market Hall on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 & 21. Hosted by the Dallas Arms Collectors Association, the Gun Show boasts over 2,000 tables of buy, sell, and trade goods. NRA Recruiters will offer free admission for those who sign up as new NRA members on site. The annual display competition and awards ceremony will take place at the show as well. The NRA will award $12,000 in cash awards for the winners of the annual display competition. The E. Andrew Mowbray Trophy for Excellence in Exhibitry will be awarded at a special banquet on Saturday evening with NRA’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre as the keynote speaker and guest of honor. CLICK HERE for Gun Show information and Map/Directions, or visit DACA’s Facebook Page for the latest updates.

NRA National Gun Collectors Show, Dallas Texas

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August 17th, 2011

NSSF’s Range Report Explains How to Attract More Shooters

Would you like to increase attendance at your matches and expand the membership of your shooting club? Then check out the latest issue of The Range Report, NSSF’s magazine for shooting facilities. The free digital edition can be viewed online, or downloaded for future reference. Feature stories include how to attract traditional shooters and re-enactment groups for traffic and revenue, one range’s strategy for maximizing exposure on a limited budget and how a statewide gathering sparked Wisconsin ranges to organize. To access more resources for shooting ranges, visit

View DIGITAL Edition Online | Download PDF Version (iPad compatible)

NSSF 2011 Range Report

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August 16th, 2011

David Tubb Wins NRA Long-Range Championship

Story by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.

David Tubb Long Range National Championship 2011David Tubb Won the Long-Range National Championship today, shoting a perfect 45 for 45 inside the 10-Ring during today’s Individual Palma Trophy Match. Tubb’s impressive performance secured David the 2011 Long Range High Power Rifle Championship, edging out 2010 LR Champion John Whidden. We believe this is David’s seventh individual long-range title. Tubb last won the Long-Range Championship in 2004, when he shot an “perfect” 1450-101X Aggregate, not dropping a point. Tubb has also won the NRA High Power National Championship 11 times.

Tubb Wins Title, Not Yielding to Whidden’s Strong Challenge
As he took his spot in the final round of the Palma Match, Tubb was stationed to the right of last year’s Long Range champ and 2011 runner-up John Whidden. Whidden, donning his favorite red cap, started with two well-placed sighting shots at 1,000 yards before jumping into the scoring phrase of the match. Tubb, waiting for the wind and that instinctive feeling that’s developed over time, took his first sighter after Whidden started scoring tens.

“Ten” shouted Whidden’s spotter. “X” rang out next. The race was on.

Tubb’s spotter echoed his counterpart’s calls with Tens and Xs of his own. But Whidden had the advantage … he was two shots ahead and two points behind. Scoring ten after ten after X, Whidden was applying the pressure to Tubb as he mounted a final charge. There was even a moment when The Pit mistakenly pulled Tubb’s target as he was about to fire. If there was ever an opportunity for a man to feel the pressure — this was it. I don’t know about the shooters, when when Whidden hit his 13th shot inside the ten ring, my heard started to pump a little bit faster.

David Tubb Long Range National Championship 2011

The spotter’s calls grew louder and louder as the shooters kept firing and firing. Waiting for one to drop a point, slip outside the ten, make that fatal mistake that would allow the other a path to the championship. Ten, Ten, X, Ten … they just kept coming.

After Whidden Cleaned his Target, the Pressure Was On
Whidden finished clean. Tubb still had two shots to go. Whidden and his spotter silently shifted their scope and glasses to Tubb’s target. I inched a little closer. Hearing a noise, I turned to find an RSO peering over my shoulder to check on Tubb’s progress. The 14th shoot was an X. One shot left. A nine or ten meant Tubb would earn his first Long Range title in seven years. An eight meant we’d go to the X count and a seven or less would give the title to Whidden.

Whidden rose when the spotter cried out ten. The match and the championship was over. “Congratulations David. That’s some great shooting.”

Tubb accepted Whidden’s hand, allowed a smile and returned the admiration. Two shooters with almost a decade’s worth of Championships between them. But this one was for David Tubb. The end of a long road back to the title.

David Discusses his Championship-Winning Tubb 2000 Rifle
In the video below, David Tubb discusses his Tubb 2000 Rifle and the many records it has set. Over the past 11 years, Tubb 2000s have been used by 30 of the 33 “Top Three” finishers in the NRA High Power Championships — that’s a remarkable winning record:

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August 16th, 2011

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Match and Leads LR Championship

David Tubb, 11-time National High Power Champion, won the prestigious Wimbleton Match at Camp Perry earlier this week, and David currently leads the field of competitors for the 2011 Long-Range Championship. John Whidden is close behind, but Tubb has been at the top of his game this year. Tubb credits much of his success to his wind-reading: “Honestly, my wind reading is the best it’s ever been and my prone skills are coming around.” If you want to learn more about David’s wind-reading methods and strategies, watch the video interview below, filmed at the 2010 SHOT show.

David Tubb on Reading the Wind

Tubb Wins Wimbleton Cup Match
David Tubb, shown below, earned his second Wimbledon Cup title after drilling ten shots inside the ten ring for a final shootoff score of 100 points with five Xs. The Wimbledon Cup is one of the oldest of all NRA trophies. First presented to the American rifle team attending the British matches at Wimbledon in 1875, the Cup now is awarded to the top shooter in a two-part, 1000-yard event. The highest scoring competitors from each initial relay are chosen to shoot in a second “shoot-off relay”. Shoot-off competitors fire three sighting shots and 10 record shots. In case of a numerical tie for winner, the winner is determined by a shot-by-shot elimination shoot-off without regard for Xs.

David Tubb Camp Perry Wimbleton 2011
David Tubb looks downrange after scoring 100-5X in the shoot-off to win the Wimbleton Cup Title. The scoring board in the foreground replicates David’s shots on target. The yellow dots are for three sighters, while the red markers show David’s 10 shots for record.

Report courtesy The NRA Blog.
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August 16th, 2011

Weaver Releases Two New FFP Illuminated Tactical Scopes

Weaver Optics has just released two new illuminated, first focal plane (FFP) tactical optics, plus a line of accessories. The new scopes, a 3-15x50mm Long-Range Scope (part #800363) and a 1-5x24mm Intermediate-Range Scope (part #800364) were designed and built to survive rough handling. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, they feature 10 illumination settings, fully multi-coated lenses and a one-piece, 30mm Argon purged tube. Weaver claims both scopes are waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof (at least on the inside). “We take our tactical optics very seriously,” said Marketing Manager Tom Knudtson. “Our optics experts have done a lot of work on these reticles, glass and overall scope design to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, military officers and other precision shooters.”

Weaver Tactical Scope

AR-friendly Optics Accessories
To accompany the two new tactical scopes, Weaver has released four new accessories, designed to fit AR-type flat-top rifles. We like the new 30mm SPR optics mount that can be fixed in place without tools.

  • Full-length AR-15 Flat Top Riser Rail with +20 MOA of built-in elevation (part #99675).
  • Picatinny Riser Set Small (elevates optics to optimal height, part #99658).
  • Weaver SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) 30mm Optics Mount with hand knobs for no-tool installation.
  • AR15 Fixed Back-Up Iron Sight with both “Precision” and CQB apertures.
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    August 15th, 2011

    MDT Offers New TAC21 Chassis for Rem 700 Actions

    Modular Driven Technology (MDT) has created a new 6061-T6 aluminum chassis for Rem 700 actions (and Rem 700 clones). MDT’s new TAC21 chassis has four (4) main components: action housing, lower unit (with trigger guard and mag well), forearm, and a quick-detach buttstock adapter that mates with the action housing. The main section has a +20 MOA milspec Picatinny rail on top. The action is seated on a V-Block style base inside the action housing. The short action TAC 21 chassis employs AICS-style magazines for .223 Rem or .308 Win-sized cartridges. The fore-end/handguard allows for free-floating barrels up to 1.350″ diameter. The chassis is built to accept any AR15/M16 stock and pistol grip.

    MDT TAC21 chassis

    Purchase from Sinclair Starting at $849.99
    Currently Sinclair Int’l is the exclusive USA distributor of MDT’s TAC21 chassis. Sinclair’s price for the short-action version (right-hand or left-hand) is $849.99, while the long-action version will be $942.99. At present, only short action-versions are in stock, but MDT will be making long-action versions soon, and Sinclair is taking pre-orders. NOTE: these prices do NOT include buttstock, barrel, action, trigger, or optics. For more information, visit

    MDT TAC21 chassis

    TAC21 Performs Well for Varmint Hunting
    Al Voth from the Coyote School Blog did a field test of a .204 Ruger rifle built with the TAC21 chassis and conventional wood buttstock. Voth was able to assemble the rifle in 40 minutes with the MDT chassis kit and “everything fit perfectly.” CLICK HERE to Read Coyote School TAC21 Review.

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    August 15th, 2011

    New Defensive-Oriented Rifle Match Debuts at Camp Perry

    Iain Harrison of “Top Shot” fame won the inaugural National Defense Match at Camp Perry this weekend. This is a new practical/tactical match designed to mimic real-world training and tactics. Marking a departure from the usual Camp Perry matches, scores are based on both time and accuracy as shooters engage targets positioned at 7, 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards. The 5-zone NDM5-120 target is used out to 30 yards, while the NRA D-1 Tomestone target is used at 60 yards and beyond. The event is open to AR15s, FN SCARs and other modern defensive rifles with either iron sights or optics. There are three classes: Tactical Limited, Tactical Optic, and Open. The first two classes are limited to 20″ barrels with 4.5-lb or greater triggers. Open guns may have longer barrels, lighter triggers, bipods, and multiple sighting systems. CLICK HERE for Nat’l Defense Match Guidebook.

    Iain Harrison

    Harrison, who now works as marketing manager for Crimson Trace, showed the skills that made him the Season 1 “Top Shot” Champion. In a neck and neck race with Team FNH’s Tommy Thacker, the two shot almost identical times during the first half of the match, until Thacker made a procedural error. That gave Harrison the edge he needed to win. Also joining Harrison for the event was fellow Top Shot finalist and Ohio native Chris Cerino.

    Iain Harrison

    Match Director and ex-Navy SEAL Trey Tuggle masterminded the event and brought in Swiss-manufactured electronic targets from Shot Response. Although new technology played an important role in the national match, the course of fire is designed to be adaptable to the club level. “We wanted to remove barriers to people enjoying competitive shooting and get more folks involved in the sport,” said Tuggle. “This match is designed to be challenging, but not so overwhelming that the average guy with an off the shelf semi-auto rifle can’t come out and play. We hope that clubs across the country will adopt the new format as a way of getting new shooters involved in competitions.”

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    August 14th, 2011

    NRA Long Range Rifle Championship Is Underway

    The NRA National Long Range Championship commenced Saturday, August 13 with the Band of Brothers Trophy Match followed by the Mustin Trophy Match. All Long Range matches are shot from the prone position from ranges between 800 and 1,000 yards. The Band of Brothers Match course of fire was twenty shots at 1,000 yards. Saturday’s second event, the Mustin Match, was also shot slow fire in the prone position from 1,000 yards. Mustin competitors have more time than during the High Power Championships, being allotted 30 minutes to get off their 20 shots for record on the Long Range targets.

    Whidden Leads LR Championship, Not Dropping a Point So Far
    Last year John Whidden won the Mustin Match with a 198-11X and a shoot off score of 100-8X. Whidden won again this year, shooting 200-9X to edge David Tubb by two Xs. With his Mustin win, and his second-place showing in this year’s Band of Brothers Match, Whidden is leading the 2011 Long Range Championship so far, not dropping a point in either event. Listed below are initial results:

    Band of Brothers Trophy Match
    1. Lance Dement, 200-14X
    2. John Whidden, 200-14X
    3. Tyrel Cooper, 200-13X
    4. Phillip Crowe, 200-12X
    5. Justin Skaret, 200-12X
    Mustin Trophy Match
    1. John Whidden, 200-9X
    2. David Tubb, 200-7X
    3. Norman Houle, 199-12X
    4. Rodrigo Rosa, 199-11X
    5. Sherri Gallagher, 199-11X

    Mustin Trophy Match Video

    Photos, video and report courtesy The NRA Blog.
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    August 14th, 2011

    Handgun Storage Options for Your Gunsafe

    handgun safe rackThere are many ways to store handguns in gun safe. including hanging your handguns on the inside door panel with Velcro straps or Velcro-equipped sleeves. Some folks try wood pegs for the triggerguards. The problem with these methods is that it’s just too easy for Velcro to work loose, or a peg to come out. End result is a dropped pistol. Also, placing your handguns on a door makes them highly visible. That’s a bad idea if your safe is placed in an open area such as a garage or game room.

    Our first choice is to place handguns in lockable, sliding drawers inside the safe. Tucked inside silicon-treated Bore-Store bags, and then laid flat inside a drawer, handguns are safe, secure and out of sight. Unfortunately, few safe-makers offer sliding drawer options. If you have a large-enough safe, you can fit your own lockable drawer unit or small file cabinet with locks. These can be purchased at office supply stores or Home Depot type outlets.

    If you have limited space in your safe, we recommended the vinyl-covered metal handgun racks from Versatile Rack Company. The 4-Gun rack has approximately the same footprint as a single handgun laying flat. These racks have a strong, welded-steel frame, vinyl-coated to protect the finish of your pistols. We’ve found these work for virtually all size handguns, both semi-autos and revolvers, even when the guns are placed in Bore-Store bags. In fact the fit is just about perfect if you first place a handgun in a Bore-Store bag, which provides about 1/4″ of padding all around the gun.

    handgun safe rack

    Versatile now offers multiple models, with capacities from a single handgun up to 10 pistols. These can be purchased directly from Versatile, starting at $69.99, but other vendors sell them for less. MidwayUSAhas Versatile racks at these price: $12.49 (2-gun, item 953403) $19.99 (4-gun, item 953075), $24.49 (6-gun, item 275638), $32.99 (8-gun, item 111468). Click HERE for a 360-degree view of the 4-gun unit. There is also an optional stacking unit, shown below.

    handgun safe rack

    One of the better “on-door” solutions is “The Holster”, a door-top rack from Rack ‘Em Racks. The top bracket secures to the door edge with self-tapping screws. Handguns are held muzzle-down in a plastic-coated wire frame. The installation is quite secure and this system gives you very fast access to your handguns. However, this unit requires that you adjust the top shelf of your safe to fit below your longest-barreled handgun. And, unless you have a very deep safe, you have to clear off most of the items on one side of the top shelf, to avoid interference when you close the safe door. Still, Rack Em’s vertical door rack is a smart design, one that uses space much more efficiently than a door full of separate wire brackets or pegs. Price is $39.99 at

    Rack 'Em Holster Pistol Rack

    One other interesting design is the rotary handgun rack. Hyskore offers a 9-Gun Rotary Pistol Rack (item IJ-229069) that looks well-built, and is fairly compact. Like a carousel, it spins to allow easy access to your handguns. It features foam-padded cradles, and an oak-verneer finish. The price is $45.99 at MidwayUSA,. Unfortunately, with a compact 12″-diameter base, there is not enough clearance for scoped revolvers or pistols with red-dot sights. And, from a safety standpoint, we’d rather see the pistols stored muzzle-down than muzzle-up. Still it looks like a clever, compact design that will work with most handguns.

    Hyskore 9-Gun Rotary Pistol Rack
    handgun rotary rack

    An even more efficient use of space is achieved with a two-tier “bunkbed-style” pistol rack. This will hold a large collection of pistols in a relatively compact space. offers two-tier pistol racks with 10-gun ($104.00), 12-gun ($115.00), or 16-gun ($125.00) capacities. For five ollars more (per size) you can get an elevated model with mag storage. These racks are crafted from wood, with soft Rayon fabric on the sections contacting your guns. These well-made racks pack a lot of guns in a small space. However, the barrel slots are only 2.5″ apart. So you do get a very compact footprint, but the trade-off is a tight fit on larger handguns.

    handgun two-level safe rack

    If you have large hunting handguns with top-mounted scopes, or bullseye pistols with fat target grips, consider the Hyskore Modular Rack which holds guns with the barrel on top and level, so there is plenty of clearance for scopes. Hyskore racks are made of soft, closed-cell foam that won’t scratch metal and won’t absorb moisture. Guns are stored in individual foam bins that can be connected together horizontally.The width of each individual bin can be adjusted to fit even very wide target grips. Hyskore racks come in sets of three foam bins. Using 3/16″ threaded crosspins, you can combine the bins into one, long secure unit running the full width of a shelf.

    CLICK HERE for Hyskore Rack DEMO VIDEO

    handgun safe rack

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    August 14th, 2011

    Over 55? Save Money on Meals, Gear, and Travel Expenses

    Senior DiscountsWe know that many of our readers are 55 years of age or older (or soon will be). Your Editor just hit the 55 mark this year. But growing old isn’t all bad — many companies offer discounts for seniors. The threshhold age for discounts can range from 50 to 66, but for many programs, persons 55 or older qualify. A list of 106 companies offering senior discounts has been compiled by On the list, you’ll find savings on groceries, restaurant meals, clothing, hard goods, cell phone plans, park admissions, hotels, car rentals, air travel and even personal services such as haircuts. We know you guys traveling to matches can benefit from the hotel and rental car discounts. CLICK HERE to download Senior Discount Company List (PDF).

    Here are some of the best deals from the list (savings may vary by region):

    • U.S. National Parks: $10 lifetime pass; 50% off other services including camping (Age 62+).
    • Albertson’s: 10% off first Wednesday of each month (55+).
    • American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (50+).
    • Kohl’s: 15% off (60+)
    • Modell’s Sporting Goods: 10% off (55+).
    • Rite Aid: 10% off on Tuesdays & 10% off prescriptions.
    • Ross Stores: 10% off every Tuesday (55+).
    • Alamo, Avis, and Hertz Rent-a-car: Up to 25% off for AARP members.
    • Clarion, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites: 20%-30% off (60+).
    • Holiday Inn: 10%-30% off depending on location (62+).
    • Hyatt Hotels: 25%-50% off (62+).

    The above list is just a small sampling of the senior discounts available. Download the entire list to see 106 companies’ senior savings programs (with eligibility requirements). You can find more discounts at In addition, since many senior discounts are not advertised to the public, folks over 55 should ALWAYS inquire (before you hand over your credit card) whether the store or vendor provides a senior discount. That way, you can be sure to get the most bang for your buck. Even if you only save $1.00 on a cup of coffee, that’s money saved that can be used to pay important bills, or used to buy more reloading components.

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    August 13th, 2011

    Carl Bernosky Wins 2011 High Power National Championship

    Ninth High Power Title for Bernosky
    Carl Bernosky has won the 2011 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship with a final Aggregate score of 2393-160X. Rodrigo Rosa finished second, just three points behind, but Carl had a huge edge in X-Count, 160X for Carl vs. 132X for Rosa. Over the course of the past week, while amassing his winning Aggregate, Carl won a number of trophy matches without dropping a point, including the Scott Trophy Match (200-15X), Appreciation Cup Match (200-18X), Crescent Cup Match (200-15X), and the Crowell Trophy Match (200-17X).

    One of his most impressive accomplishments this year was tying a National Record for slow fire standing from 200 yards. The record, a 200-15X, was originally set by Gary Anderson in 1971 in the Navy Cup. “When I shot that 200 with 15X standing, that was discipline. I didn’t shoot a bad shot,” Bernosky said. “That was the best target I’ve ever shot, including practice.”

    Shooting for Team SOG in 2011, this win marks Bernosky’s Ninth National High Power Championship*. This was a sweet victory for Carl, as last year he finished just one point behind 2010 Champion SGT Sherri Gallagher. As far as we can tell, Carl’s 2393-160X was the second highest National High Power Championship Winning Agg in history, exceeded only by Gallagher’s 2396-161X record set last year. Congratulations to Carl for his impressive victory! Now a nine-time champion, Bernosky has won the High Power Championship in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1992, 2000, 2007, 2008, and 2011. *In 1981 Carl won the Match Rifle division, but D.I. Boyd, a Service Rifle shooter, had the highest overall Aggregate.

    The top five finishers in the 2011 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship were:

    • 1. Carl Bernosky, 2393-160X
    • 2. Rodrigo Rosa, 2390-132X
    • 3. Brandon Green, 2385-126X
    • 4. Sherri Gallagher, 2383-146X
    • 5. Norman Houle, 2381-114X

    Watch Bernosky in Action in Video
    In this video from the 2011 Crowell Trophy Match segment of the National High Power Championships, Carl Bernosky (in maroon shooting coat) shoots prone with his AR spacegun. Note the minimal recoil after shots.

    Bernosky Explains How to Read the Wind
    Below is a video interview with Carl Bernosky recorded at the 2010 Shot Show. Carl explains when you need to shoot fast, and when you need to be patient and wait for the conditions.

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    August 13th, 2011

    SAAMI Hires New Director of Technical Affairs

    Randy BimsonThe Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has named industry veteran Randy Bimson as its new technical advisor and director of technical affairs. In his position, Bimson will manage all activities of the SAAMI Technical Office. He succeeds Ken Green, who recently retired after serving as SAAMI’s technical advisor and director of technical affairs for the past 16 years. A 35-year industry veteran, Bimson most recently served as senior technical advisor for Beretta USA Corp. Other positions he has held over his career include technical services manager of Brownells’ factory parts division, and gunsmithing products division manager at MidwayUSA.

    “The role of technical advisor requires the technical knowledge and attention to detail of a top-notch engineer, great management skills, the social skills of a diplomat and a working knowledge of law thrown in for good measure,” said Rick Patterson, SAAMI managing director. “[Randy’s] knowledge and years of experience will help ensure SAAMI’s technical work remains second to none.”

    Founded in 1926 at the request of the U.S. Federal Government, SAAMI is an association of the nation’s leading manufacturers of sporting firearms, ammunition and components. It publishes voluntary industry standards, coordinates technical data and promotes safe and responsible firearm use. It handles both domestic and international technical and regulatory issues that affect safety and reliability of firearms, ammunition and components.

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    August 12th, 2011

    Big Sale on Hornady Reloading Products at is having a big sale on certain Hornady reloading products. The Lock N Load Auto Charge Scale/Powder Dispenser is now just $199.99, marked down from $224.99. Reports on this unit have been generally positive. This sale makes the Hornady scale/dispenser much less expensive than an RCBS Chargemaster, which typically sells for about $330.00.

    Hornady Auto charge Dispenser Scale

    Next, the price of the Hornady Lock N Load Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has been knocked down to $84.99 from $99.99. That makes the machine cheaper than “no-name” alternatives sold on eBay. This is similar to the machine we used for our original ultrasonic cleaning tests. It should do the job, unless you have large quantities of brass, in which case we recommend the larger Hornady Magnum Sonic Cleaning Machine, which has twin transducers and a larger immersion bay.

    Hornady Ultrasonic Cases Cleaner machine has also slashed the price of the Hornady Concentricity Gauge from $94.99 to $79.99. This tool can measure bullet run-out, and it has the capacity to straighten bullet alignment in the neck. Be aware, however, that because this tool supports a cartridge at both ends (like holding the two ends of a jump-rope), you will typically get a different run-out reading than with a traditional tool, such as the Sinclair Concentricity Gauge, which supports the case body only (without touching the bullet tip). Both tool designs give meaningful results, but the read-outs will not normally be the same.

    Hornady Concentricity Gauge

    Hornady reloading manualHornady Reloading Handbook $10.00 with Bullet Purchase
    In addition to the tool sales, is now offering the lastest Hornady Reloading Handbook for just $10.00 if you purchase five (5) boxes of in-stock Hornady Bullets. If you could use the book, we recommend Hornady’s V-Max bullets for varmint hunters, and the new BTHP match bullets for target shooters. The new BTHP match bullets feature AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) jackets for greater dimensional uniformity.

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    August 12th, 2011

    Get $75.00 Rebate on Sightron SII Big Sky Scopes

    Sightron is offering $75 rebates on its SII Big Sky™ line of riflescopes. To qualify, just purchase any new Sightron SII Big Sky™ from the Models listed below between August 15, 2011 and December 31, 2011. CLICK HERE to review Sightrong Rebate Terms and to print out $75.00 Rebate Coupon.

    Scopes Qualifying for $75.00 Rebate

    Sightron SII $75 Rebate

    Rebate Rules and Conditions: Purchaser must submit Sightron coupon with original sales receipt, warranty card, and UPC sticker by March 31, 2012. Purchase must be made between August 15th, 2011 and December 31, 2011. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. Please Allow four to six weeks for processing of rebate. Remit Rebate Coupon to:

    Sightron Inc.
    Dept: 2011 Rebate Offer
    100 Jeffrey Way, Suite A
    Youngsville NC. 27596

    Story Tip by EdLongrange. We welcome submissions from our readers.
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    August 11th, 2011

    CMP Photo Galleries from National Matches at Camp Perry

    You can view hundreds of photos from the National Matches at Camp Perry at the CMP’s Zenfolio Image Archive on the web. There are separate collections for each event, with up to 450 images per collection. Once you open a particular collection, you can click through the images individually or select the “slide show” option. For you vintage rifle fans, here are some images from the Springfield & Vintage Military Rifle Match, the John C. Garand Match, and the Vintage Sniper Rifle Match.

    Springfield & Vintage Military Match

    John C. Garand Match

    Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

    CLICK HERE to see all CMP National Match Photos

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    August 11th, 2011

    Powers Wins Prestigious President’s Trophy Match

    By Steve Cooper, CMP Writer
    Civilian shooter Konrad Powers, 41, of Carol Stream, IL won the storm-shortened 2011 President’s Rifle Trophy Match at Camp Perry Monday, 1 August, with an aggregate score of 295-8X out of 300 points possible, topping SSG Ty Cooper, 26, U.S. Army and SGT Christopher Atkins, 24, U.S. Army Reserve, who placed second and third, respectively. Powers fired a 98-3X in off-hand shooting at 200 yards, 99-3X in rapid-fire prone at 300 yards and 98-2X in prone slow-fire at 600 yards with his service rifle.

    In junior shooting, Tyler Rico, 17, of Tucson, Arizona placed first with an aggregate score of 288-8X in an X-count tiebreaker over James London, 17, of Statesville, North Carolina who finished with a 288-4X. Rico’s score also placed him 38th overall in the match. He fired scores of 95-2X, 99-5X, 94-1X in offhand, rapid prone and slow prone, respectively.

    First fired in 1878, the President’s Rifle Match, a National Trophy Rifle Match, was incorporated into the National Match program after the Nationals were established in 1903. The President’s Rifle and Pistol Matches have become especially prestigious because the match winners traditionally receive letters of congratulations from the President of the United States of America. Shooters who place 100th or better in the match are given special recognition as members of the President’s Hundred, a distinction highly prized in both civilian and military circles.

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