August 7th, 2011

TDI Program Helps Wounded Warriors Adapt to Bionic Limbs

Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) is teaming up with SRT Prosthetics to offer a “Wounded Warrior” training course for injured active/former military personnel. This course will also be open to civilians who are fitted with artificial limbs or other prostheses. The “Wounded Warrior” class will be held on May 14-16, 2012 and will follow TDI’s Handgun 1-2-3 curriculum. For more info, call TDI at (937) 544-7228 or email tdiohio [at]

TDI Operates 186-Acre Training Facility in Ohio
Founded in 1986, TDI is a tactics and training facility located in southern Ohio. TDI’s 186-acre facility features three live fire houses, a 2-story force on force house, 400-yard rifle range, unknown distance range, dueling plate range, vehicle range and a main range with both paper and steel targets. TDI works with civilian, military, Federal, local law enforcement and corporate clients. TDI offers training at both its Ohio facility and at off-site locations around the country.

Video Shows How Wounded Warriors
Successfully Adapt to High-Tech Bionic Limbs

Watch the video below to see TDI’s training program for prosthesis-fitted vets. The video (from WCPO Ch. 9, Cincinnati) shows the new technology that is allowing many combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to resume their lives, and in some cases, their military careers. With rehabilitation and modern prosthetics, 20% of soldiers who have lost one limb are able to return to active duty.

Watch This Video — The New Artificial Legs are Amazing!

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