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October 13th, 2011

Hornady Introduces Green-Tipped Zombie Max™ Ammunition

Our friends at Midsouth Shooters Supply have announced that Midsouth is now taking orders on Hornady’s much-awaited Zombie Max™ (Z-Max) loaded ammo. Hornady is marketing this stuff as “Zombie-killing” ammunition. Hopefully buyers will read the warnings and understand that the new Z-Max ammunition is 100% lethal and deadly. This is NOT some kind of paintball ammo or less-than-lethal substitute. The Z-Max line includes jacketed rifle ammo with bright green polymer tips, hollow-point pistol ammo with bright green polymer end-plugs, and conventional 00 Buck shotgun ammo in a special black (with green lettering) shotshell. Currently, Hornady plans to sell the following types of Zombie Max ammo: 9mm, 40SW, .45ACP, .223 Rem, 7.62×39, .308 Win, and 12 gauge (2 3/4″ shotshell).

Hornady Zombie Max ammo

Commentary: Maybe Not Such a Great Idea?

For some folks the notion of blasting zombies is an amusing fantasy. But it is only that — a fantasy. It is merely “make-believe”. We’re not so sure that associating fantasy zombie-killing with the use of actual, lethal ammunition is a very good idea. Frankly, we have serious misgivings about this entire Zombie Max marketing effort by Hornady. The product graphics and supporting advertising make Zombie Max ammo seem like something used for Halloween fun and games. Hornady’s product flyer declares: “Supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max™ ammunition…. Remember. . .only head shots count!“. Is that really wise?

Hornady is even distributing a video featuring an anxious shooter apparently firing live Zombie Max rifle and pistol ammo at persons dressed like zombies. How that got past the lawyers we’ll never know. Hopefully people will realize that Zombie Max ammo should be treated like any other 100% lethal ammunition. Read Hornady’s warning: “This is Live Ammunition. This is not a toy.” Then follow all basic firearms safety rules when using Hornady’s Zombie Max products. And hopefully, this Halloween, no moron will try out his Zombie Max rounds on some grade-school trick-or-treater in a zombie costume.

CLICK HERE to View Hornady Zombie Max™ Sell Sheet (PDF).

Hornady Zombie Max

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October 13th, 2011

Nammo-Lapua Exec Visits NRA Headquarters and AUSA Show

NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia was recently visited by Raimo Helasmaki of the Nammo Group. Based in Finland, Nammo is the parent company of Lapua, manufacturer of ammunition and reloading components. Helasmaki, Executive VP of Nammo’s Small Caliber Division, was in the Washington, DC area for the annual Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) trade show. We’re glad to see a top European executive travel to the USA where he can get direct feedback from American shooters on his company’s product line.

nammo lapua ausa

nammo lapua ausa

CLICK HERE for AUSA 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition Web Site

Lapua was founded in 1923 as a state-owned cartridge company. Over the years, Lapua kept perfecting its product in response to the needs of its worldwide customer base. Lapua remains an industry leader, creating some of the most accurate ammunition, brass, and bullets on the planet. Proof is in the performance — 80% of the Biathlon medals at the 2010 Winter Olympic in Munich were won by athletes using Lapua ammunition.

nammo lapua ausa

Helasmaki met with several NRA officials in Fairfax, including NRA’s General Operation Executive Director Kayne Robinson. To wrap things up, he toured the National Firearms Museum, guided by Phil Schreier, Senior Museum curator (at left in photo above).

Photos and story courtesy The NRA Blog.
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October 13th, 2011

NRA Creates Activity Authorization Card for Disabled Shooters

disabled shooting services NRACompetitive shooting is one of the few sports where people with physical disabilities and handicaps can compete side-by-side with their able-bodied counterparts. The NRA’s Disabled Shooting Services has created a way to make it easier for disabled shooters to shoot in NRA competitions. A new Special Authorization Card allows disabled competitors to shoot from a modified position [or wheelchair] based on the type of disability or handicap.

As Jessi McClain, NRA Disabled Shooting Services Coordinator explains: “Physical limitations may prevent a shooter from getting into a certain position to compete. For example, a paraplegic person can’t shoot from the standing position, so [he] would use an adaptive shooting position to compete”.

To obtain a Special Authorization Card, competitors can download two forms online. The first is to be completed by the shooter, and the second by his/her doctor. Forms can then be sent to NRA Headquarters along with pictures of the modified shooting position and/or adaptive device being used to compete. The Manager of the specific shooting discipline (rifle, pistol, air gun, etc.) then reviews the request. If approved, a temporary card good for one year is issued. For juniors, Special Authorization Cards are issued for several years at a time so that re-evaluations can be completed as children’s bodies change.

To learn more about Special Authorization Cards or the NRA’s Disabled Shooting Services, send an email to: disabled-shooting [at]

Story by Kerrin Brinkman, courtesy The NRA Blog.
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