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October 31st, 2011

6.5 Grendel is Approved as SAMMI Cartridge — Alexander Arms Gives Up “6.5 Grendel” Trademark

At the gun industry writers round-table meeting earlier this month in Kansas City, KS, Alexander Arms made important announcements regarding the 6.5 Grendel Cartridge.

1. The “6.5 Grendel” has been officially approved as a SAAMI Cartridge. (This means that cartridge dimensions will be standardized for the purpose of manufacturing brass, loaded ammunition, pre-fit barrels, and 6.5 Grendel-chambered firearms.)

2. Alexander Arms has officially “relinquished” its trademark claim on the term/label “6.5 Grendel”. This opens the door to other companies offering products (such as ammo, barrels, magazines) which are identified by the 6.5 Grendel moniker.

6.5 Grendel Saami spec

CLICK HERE for 6.5 Grendel Cartridge History (Wikipedia entry).

Here is the text of Alexander Arms’ Official Press Release:

The 6.5 Grendel is an Official SAAMI Cartridge and Trademark is Relinquished.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has adopted the 6.5 Grendel as an official SAAMI cartridge. As a result of the cartridge’s official recognition, Alexander Arms will relinquish the trademark “6.5 Grendel”. Bill Alexander states: “One of the primary purposes of trademarking the name was to protect the integrity of the design. With the adoption of the 6.5 Grendel cartridge standard by SAAMI, the design is now protected, and any confusion in the marketplace as to the specification of the cartridge has been eliminated.”

SAAMI’s formal adoption of the design specifications for the cartridge has led Alexander Arms to announce that it will relinquish its federally-registered trademark and that “6.5 Grendel” to be the common commercial name for a cartridge that adheres to the specifications adopted by SAAMI.

Alexander Arms is proud that a cartridge of its design has received this important designation, and is pleased to take this important step in the continued market development of this breakthrough cartridge, which is perfectly matched to the AR-15 platform.

For additional information contact:
Alexander Arms

6.5 Grendel Saami spec

According to The Firearm Blog, “Hornady submitted the cartridge to SAAMI last year but the application was rejected because Alexander Arms refused to relinquish the trademark.” With the waiver of trademark objections by Alexander Arms, look for greater production of standardized 6.5 Grendel ammo and brass. We can also expect more factory and custom rifles to be chambered in the efficient 6.5 Grendel cartridge. Some gunsmiths had avoided working with this cartridge because of Alexander Arms’ trademark claims. In fact, the were even concerns about sales of “6.5 Grendel” chambering reamers, so some gun-builders developed slightly-different wildcats in order to get around Alexander Arms’ objections. But that is all “old history” now….

6.5 Grendel Saami Hornady Brass

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October 31st, 2011

Texan Dustin Ellermann Wins Season 3 Top Shot Title

Editor’s Note: We told you last week that Dustin Ellermann was the best natural marksman among Top Shot Season 3 competitors, and sure enough Dustin proved it, with a totally dominating performance in the final head-to-head battle. And before that Dustin made what was probably the most difficult rifle shot ever on Top Shot — hitting a golf ball with a .22LR rifle at 100 yards — with no sighter shots and no windflags. You try that sometime. It ain’t easy, even with a rimfire benchrest rifle and $15/box ammo.

In winning the Top Shot Season 3 title, Dustin, a self-taught shooter in his first-ever real competition, beat 15 other skilled marksman, most with much more impressive “shooting resumes”. Displaying poise, speed, and superior accuracy, Dustin proved he had the “right stuff”. Time and time again, Dustin sent “big name” shooters (with years of competition experience) packing. And throughout the Top Shot season, Dustin, a Christian Camp Director, exhibited good sportsmanship, unlike one foul-mouthed ex-Navy SEAL. Bravo, Dustin — you deserved this victory.

Top Shot Season 3 Dustin

Dustin Ellermann from Zavalla, Texas Wins $100,000 Top Shot Prize
The good thing about being sent to the elimination round on the The History Channel’s Top Shot TV show is that you get to shoot some pretty cool weapons. Everything from full-auto pistols to Gatling Guns. Bad news is you could be going home. For Dustin Ellermann, that possibility almost became reality during the first round of the season finale. Escaping elimination, Ellermann went on to win the overall title in a rout, soundly trouncing second-place “Big Mike” Hughes.

In the closing credits, Dustin said: “I came, I shot, I won. My victory proves that, hey, normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have fun doing it. I actually won this thing!”

Starting with a Glock 34s and a dueling tree, Ellermann took the lessons he learned from the first round and sent Chris Collins home with a perfect 12 for 12 as time ran out.

Next was the shooting gallery. With an assortment of firearms and targets, Dustin started things off by nailing a golf ball with a Volquartsen .22LR rifle at 100 yards. Mike and Gary couldn’t match that. The competition continued until Mike called for shooting an AK-47 with one hand. Mike and Gary were successful while Dustin was not. Then Gary, down by one point, failed to hit his final “called” shot (with a .40sw pistol at 25 yards), so Gary was eliminated.

That set up Dustin with Mike Hughes for the final one-on-one elimination round. This required the two men to move rapidly through multiple stages, using a variety of weapons: 1875 revolver, Benelli slug-gun, re-curve bow, semi-auto rifle, and so on. Mike and Dustin were pretty much even with the 1875, with Mike having a slight edge. But then Dustin “dusted” Hughes on the shotgun stage. Dustin was fast and accurate, while Mike struggled big time. Mike literally lost his sights. Using the notch instead of the front sight to zero in on the target, Mike spent the rest of the challenge killing the jars, never getting beyond the Benelli stage.

Meanwhile, Dustin was methodically cleaning the course in record time. He made his bow-and-arrow trick shot on the first try. From there it was two rapid shots with the Vltor TS3 (AR-type rifle), a quick thumbs up to the wife and a few more rounds through a Smith & Wesson 500. One final Tannerite flash from the S&W 500 target signaled Dustin’s dominating victory. Dustin Ellermann became Season 3’s Top Shot. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

CLICK HERE to Watch Repeat of Top Shot Season 3 Finale on History Channel (45 minutes).

It’s too late to audition for Top Shot Season 4, but if you want to learn some of the skills required to be a Top Shot, then sign up for a class at near you.

Story by Lars Dalseide for The NRA Blog.
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October 31st, 2011

New iPhone Shooters’ App Has Multiple Functions

ShotMuse3 programShotMuse3 is a handy new App for iPhone users. Functioning like a log-book, this multi-purpose App can record shot locations, scores, and wind values during practice. In addition, ShotMuse3 has built-in databases that can list your ammo supplies and your firearms inventory. (However, for security reasons, you may decide NOT to place a list of your firearms in your iPhone.) ShotMuse3, priced at just $3.99, can be purchased via the Apple App Store. For more information, visit the Apple App Store or contact developer Mike Lersbak: auxxpad [at] or (509) 435-1640

Save Chron Data to Your iPhone
One feature we really like is the Chronograph Mode. We often use a PVM-21. This is a great chronograph, but the PVM’s data recording software is complicated and buggy. So, we usually dispense with a laptop and record our chron data manually. With ShotMuse’s Chrono Mode, you can record your chrono results at the range, and then email the data to your main computer. Note — you must still manually input shot values into the App –ShotMuse3 does NOT automatically connect with the chrono.

ShotMuse 3 Functions and Features:

  • Target Practice Mode – This handy feature lets you record shot placements and shot values during practice. As with a manual log-book, you can record wind value and direction for each string, along with temperature and other conditions. A variety of target types can be selected the ShotMuse Target Archive.
  • Chronograph Mode – Input shot velocities from your chronograph when doing load development. Weather, distance and range can also be recorded with each string.
  • Weapons Database – Keep track of your weapons including weapon data, shot count, strings shot, and any other notes or information you want to record.
  • Ammo Database – Track the ammo you use — both store-bought and your own reloads. You can also store notes and photos.
  • Timer Mode – The built-in shot timer can record your shot strings. Both individual shot times/intervals and total string time can be recorded. This is useful for action pistol shooters and 3-Gun competitors.

ShotMuse3 program

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