October 11th, 2011

New Nationwide Competition Series for Precision Tactical Rifles

Precision Rifle Series

Tactical Precision Rifle Matches are hugely popular, with many matches “sold out” months in advance. Now it looks like the precision tactical discipline is headed for the big-time. Stealing a page from the 3-Gun Nation playbook, a group of tactical competitors is launching a new nationwide series of matches for tactical shooters, the Precision Rifle Series 2012 (PRS). These matches will involve shooting at distances from 100 to 1000 yards, with a wide variety of stages, many involving barriers, or run-and-shoot challenges. This is not 3-Gun, mind you — at this time the PRS directors want to keep the focus on rifles. However, at some events, Match Directors may offer a couple stages that involve pistol shooting — but this is optional. The vast majority of PRS stages will be rifle-only.

Currently, most PRS shooters are fielding bolt-action rifles with detachable box magazines. However, the event is NOT restricted to bolt guns. Rich Emmons, one of the founders of the Precision Rifle Series told us: “About 90% of the shooters are using bolt-action rifles, but we are seeing more interest in ARs and other semi-automatics. Currently the rules are open, so you can shoot your AR if you wish. In fact, on some stages there may be a benefit to using a semi-automatic. But we still expect that most competitors will prefer bolt guns for their accuracy, simplicity, and reliability.”

To learn more about the Precision Rifle Series, visit PrecisionRifleSeries.com or email Rich Emmons at PrecisionRifleSeries [at] gmail.com.

Precision Rifle Series

Precision Rifle SeriesMatches Will Be Hosted at Multiple Venues
Currently nine (9) PRS events are scheduled, culminating in a “Series Finale” in December, 2012 at the Rifles Only facility in Texas. Shooters who register for the Series (and pay the $75.00 PRS annual dues) may count up to three (3) Series events for season points to earn a spot to shoot the 2012 Series Finale. Season Finale contestants will be competing for cash, match prizes and total points. All Finale-qualified shooters who earn a spot to the Finale will receive a reserved slot for the 2013 PRS season.

PRS Rules and Scoring Procedures have been set by an “Oversight Committee” of well-known tactical shooters and match directors: Rich Emmons, Kevin Elpers, Scott Milkovich, Dustin Morris, Vu Pham, and Wade Stuteville.

Precision Rifle SeriesA Series Event win will earn the first-place competitor 100 Series Points. The remaining field of competitors “will receive points normalized from the percentage earned in relationship to the top score”. (We’re not quite sure what that means, except that the points a shooter earns will be based on his match performance.) Points are important as shooters qualify for the Series Finale one of three ways: 1) by winning any qualifying match; 2) by earning enough season Series points to be in the Top 50 shooters nationwide; or 3) by being a Top 15% finisher (or better) at two events.

Upcoming Events
Total Season Series points will be calculated from the highest scoring 3 events listed below. The PRS Committee may add up to three more events to the 2012 Series Schedule.

Lone Star Challenge
December 3-4, 2011
Frost, Texas

Phoenix TPRC
February 18-19, 2012
Phoenix, Arizona

Rifles Only Cup
April 2012 (TBA)
Kingsville, Texas

Score High Tactical Match
May 12-13, 2012
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Oklahoma Tactical Shooters (OTS) Match
September 15-16, 2012
Western, Oklahoma

NCPPRC Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge (TBRC)
September 29-30, 2012
Sacramento, California

North Texas Rifle Precision (NTRP) Match
October 13-14th 2012
Gun Barrel City, Texas

LV STEEL Major Match
To Be Announced (TBA)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Series Finale @ Rifles Only Bash
December 1-2, 2012
Kingsville, Texas

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