October 29th, 2011

Savage Plans to Release New-for-2012 Rifles Next Week

Savage Arms will roll out its new 2012 line-up of firearms on November 2, 2011. That’s just a few days away. The initial release will be made via Savage’s Facebook Page.

Right now Savage is being very tight-lipped about the new product line. However, Savage posted a teaser showing a gun case marked “Classified” — challenging Facebook readers to guess what might be unveiled next week. So far, reader guesses include:

  • An AR-type gun in .223 Rem AND 7.62×39.
  • A big boomer in .408 Cheytac, .416 Barrett or 50 BMG.
  • A single-shot Model 12 Target rifle in 6.5×47 LAPUA.
  • A Mini-14 type rifle in 6.5 Grendel.
  • A “Zombie Zapper” for use with Hornady’s Zombie Max ammo.
  • A lightweight survival-type .22 LR rifle.
  • A 300 AAC Blackout bolt-gun.
  • A 17 Hornet Varminter.

What do you guys think? We suspect the “Classified” rifle will be a bolt gun with rails and a detachable magazine, possibly with a collapsible stock. Consumer interest in “tactical”-style rifles is very high right now. We can expect Savage to deliver something that caters to market demand.

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.

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