March 28th, 2012

Read American Rifleman in FREE Digital eZine Format

American Rifleman Magazine is now available in a web-friendly online version. The eZine version of American Rifleman navigates like a conventional print magazine — so you start with an index at the front and you can flip pages from front-to-back. You can also navigate with thumbnails (on the left) and zoom in and out if you find items of interest. Those who prefer reading articles in a magazine-style format should enjoy the American Rifleman digital eZine.

Excellent Article about Norma
In the lastest April digital edition of American Rifleman (on page 122), you’ll find “A Century of Bullets and Brass”, a fascinating 20-page history of the Norma company. Founded by the Enger brothers from Norway, Norma started producing boat-tail 6.5mm bullets in 1902. Using once-fired brass, Norma began loading 6.5×55 ammunition in 1914, and the company started making its own Norma-headstamp cartridge brass in 1917.

Other highlights of the April 2012 edition include:

  • Interviews with Top Shot Winners Dustin Ellermann and Chris Reed (p.144).
  • Review of the new Sig Sauer 224 compact pistol by Field Editor Wiley Clapp (p. 94).
  • Discussion of the “Castle Doctrine” which allows citizens to defend home and family (p. 30).
  • Previews of new Guns, Optics, and Gear at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in St. Louis.

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