May 10th, 2012

CMP Now Selling M1 Garand Barreled Receivers for $350.00

NOTE: This article was released in May 2012. That is over TEN YEARS AGO. The items are no longer offered with such pricing.

M1 Garand barreled receivers (item RM1SABRWB) are now available from the CMP for $350.00 plus $12.95 shipping. Combine one of these with an $82.00 walnut M1 Garand replacement stock from Boyds’ Gunstocks and you’ll have a handsome and affordable rig. (But sights, trigger group, op rod, gas system, and other key components must still be acquired.) These are Grade B receivers with “service grade” or “high quality service grade” barrels. The CMP notes that: “Receiver may have minor pitting / frosting above and below below the wood line and has been refinished. Bolt includes: extractor, extractor spring & plunger, ejector, ejector spring and firing pin.”

M1 Garand CMP barreled action receiver

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