August 31st, 2010

CMP News: M1 Carbines Sold Out but Barreled Carbine Actions Available, Garand Receivers on Sale, M14 Parts Kits

The CMP announced it has SOLD OUT of M1 carbines except for a few reserved for its auction program. CMP officials state: “At this time, we have no reason to expect to receive more”. However the CMP still has a few hundred M1 Carbine stripped Barreled Recievers, item number R017BRZ, left from the CMP’s inspection and repair operations. The barreled actions will cost $125 each plus $12.95 S&H each. For more information, visit the CMP Carbine Page. Choice of manufacturer is luck of the draw.

M1 Carbine CMP

M1 Garand RecieverGarand Receivers Offered for Sale
CMP has once again accumulated enough Grade B receivers to offer them for sale. The stripped M1 Garand receivers are SA manufacture, recently refinished and parkerized. These can be the starting point for a Garand match rifle project. The Garand stripped receivers, item RMIRECSAB, cost $195.00 + $9.95 S&H per receiver.

M14 Parts Kits for Upgrading M1As
The CMP has acquired a large quantity of M14 parts and assembled a few hundred Grade A kits which are now being offered for sale. Each Kit includes every semi-auto part except barrel, bolt and receiver. Metallic parts will show signs of use and may have some minor rust or pitting. Stocks may have some dents and dings and minor cracks. Stocks may be walnut, hardwood, or synthetic. Item number is PSM1AKIT. Price is $600 per kit plus $22.95 shipping.

NOTE: If you have a Springfield M1A you may want to order this kit to upgrade to superior USGI components. This Editor’s M1A would not run reliably until the sand-cast Springfield op rod was replaced with a forged USGI op rod. Likewise you may want to replace the Springfield front gas black with genuine USGI parts.

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