October 24th, 2012

Cartridge Chess — A Clever Idea for Gun Guys

Gun cartridge ChessFall is here, and winter is coming. What are you going to do when it’s too cold outside to go shooting? How about a game of “Cartridge Chess”, with chess pieces sourced from your own ammunition collection? We think the Cartridge Chess set is pretty clever, and it’s bound to be a conversation-starter at home or at the hunting lodge.

Create Your Own Cartridge Chess Set
This is a 3-D rendering found on the Cheaper Than Dirt Facebook page. We’d like to see a chess set with actual cartridges (assembled without powder or primers), perhaps with .32 ACP pawns and the 50 BMG and .338 LM as King and Queen.

Gun cartridge Chess

Challenge: How many cartridge and shotshell types can you identify? The Pawns look like 9mm or 40sw pistol cartridges, while the Rooks (Castles) are obviously 12ga shotgun shells.

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