November 3rd, 2012

Tikka T3 Review and Varminting Tips from Scotland

David, a hunter and wilderness skills teacher from Scotland, has created an informative 9-minute video that should interest varmint hunters and fans of Tikka rifles. In the video, David demonstrates the features (and remarkable accuracy) of a factory Tikka T3, chambered in .223 Remington. With David’s handloads, this rifle has grouped just over an inch at 250 yards, as shown near the end of the video.

You’ll notice that David’s rifle is equipped with a sound moderator (aka “suppressor”), a common hunting accessory in Europe. (Someday, hopefully, American shooters in all states will be able to employ sound suppressors without misguided, restrictive laws or prohibitive taxation.) David explains that a suppressor has many benefits. In addition to protecting the shooter’s hearing, the suppressor reduces the report of the shot, so there’s much less chance of spooking the game. A good suppressor also reduces recoil substantially.

Tikka Fox HuntingTikka Fox Hunting

David uses his rifle primarily for fox-hunting, often done at night. He employs a variable-power scope with an illuminated reticle to target his night-time prey. David offers many useful tips for predator hunters. He prefers an extra-high Harris bipod. With the bipod’s legs fully extended, he can assume a comfortable and solid sitting position. The rifle is supported on his shoulder and on the bipod, leaving both of his hands free. Being able to support the rifle without gripping it is a major advantage, David explains. This frees his hands to search for animals with binoculars or scan distances with his rangefinder. Additionally, he shows how to call in foxes, blowing on his cupped hands to make an very realistic distress call. This guy doesn’t need an electronic boom box with recorded sounds to effectively call in a fox.

Tikka Fox Hunting

We think you’ll enjoy the video, even if it is a bit grainy and David’s accent may be a bit hard for Americans to understand. He offers a lot of good, solid advice, and he certainly demonstrates the capabilities of the Tikka rifle. Above, check out the three-shot, 250-yard group David shoots. We’d say that’s better than minute-of-varmint accuracy. Tikka T3s have a reputation for excellent accuracy and smooth-working actions. Current street price for a stainless T3 Lite (like David’s), with synthetic stock, is about $580.00, but we’ve seen them as low as $540.00 on sale (price without scope).

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