March 31st, 2013

New Jersey Legislators Introduce 76 Anti-Gun Bills

New Jersey Association Rifle Pistol ClubsNew Jersey legislators have introduced no less than 76 new bills to regulate firearms, control the sale of ammunition, and tightly restrict gun ownership. We’ve summarized some of the most important new NJ gun-control bills below, and you can read the full list here. Legislators in the New Jersey Assembly pushed through 20 of 43 pieces of legislation last month. And New Jersey’s State Senators have been hard at work too, introducing dozens of other bills restricting gun rights. According to the New Jersey Association of Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC), “the legislative feeding frenzy of anti-gun bill introductions by Democrats has steadily continued [with] no end in sight. Apparently, they won’t be satisfied until there’s nothing left of the Second Amendment in the Garden State.”

Important New Anti-Gun Legislation in New Jersey (Partial List)

  • Establishes regulatory/reporting program for ammunition sales and transfers. A3645 Acs.
  • Defines most centerfire 50-caliber firearms as “destructive devices”. A3659aa.
  • Bans mail order, telephone, and internet sales of ammunition. A366 and S2465.
  • Requires, to purchase a gun, mental health screening by licensed professional. A3667.
  • Requires psychological evaluation and in-home inspection in order to buy a gun. A3676.
  • Requires handgun ammunition to be encoded with serial number. A3704.
  • Imposes additional 5% tax on sale of firearms and ammunition. A3727.
  • Requires firearms to be unloaded and securely locked or stored within home. A3752.
  • Requires background checks for ammunition sales and transfers. A3800.
  • Disqualifies persons with three DUIs in 5 years from purchasing firearm. A3973.
  • Prohibits persons with “disorderly persons” convictions from purchasing firearm. A3974.
  • Requires firearms endorsement on driver’s license or state ID card. A4001.
  • Reduces maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. S2475.
  • Requires ammunition sales/transfers be done as face-to-face transactions. S3476.
  • Requires submission of mental health records to NICS. S2492.
  • Extends reach and coverage of State’s assault weapons ban. S2605.
  • Creates penalty for failing to report unintentional discharge of firearm in home. S2642.

The above list is just a sample — there are many other pending bills which would restrict gun rights in other ways. CLICK HERE for the full list of pending New Jersey Anti-Gun Bills.

COMMENT: The above list is a wake-up call, and not just for residents of New Jersey. All readers should take a long, hard look at the above list. This is what happens when anti-gun politicians “pull out all the stops”. These proposed laws are not just about so-called “assault weapons”. Note the tight restrictions (and new taxes) on ammunition purchases. Note the mandating of “gun owner endorsements” on drivers’ licenses. Note the chilling requirements of “mental health screenings” and “in-home inspections”. Law-abiding gun owners across the country need to understand that these kind of regulations are now “on the table” and we can expect “copy-cat” legislation in other states….

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