April 27th, 2013

Exhibition Shooter and Video Host Tom Knapp Passes Away

Legendary exhibition shooter Tom Knapp, “The Shooting Star”, passed away yesterday. Tom was an inspiration to generations of shooters and he will be missed. Tom performed some truly amazing feats, including tossing ten (10) clay birds in the air, and then hitting them all with ten separate shots in 2.2 seconds! Tom started performing for the public in 1987, and he gave shooting exhibitions around the world. He was also a popular “featured guest” on many hunting/shooting television shows.

Tom Knapp Passes Away

Writing in Guns.com, Aaron Samsel states: “Tom Knapp was one of the finest exhibition shooters this world has ever laid eyes on — his talent with a shotgun was only rivaled by his showmanship, and Knapp deserves much credit for bringing trick shooting into the 21st century[.]”

Tom Knapp Shoots Ten Clays in 2.2 Seconds

Interview with Tom Knapp

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