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January 5th, 2014

ChargeMaster Hacks — How to Optimize Your Green Machine

If you own an RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 electronic powder scale/dispenser, or are thinking about purchasing one, here are a few tips that can cut your loading times and eliminate some petty annoyances.

Mute That Annoying Beep
Some ChargeMaster users complain about the loud beep at the end of each cycle. There’s a simple way to silence the beep — and you don’t have to cut any wires or permanently disable the speaker. To mute the beep, simply hold down the Zero button until “beep off” displays. Repeat this procedure to restore the beep function.

Activating the Auto-Dispense Mode
You can set the ChargeMaster to automatically dispense your pre-programmed charge as soon as you put the pan back on the scale. Simply press and hold the “Enter” button. The code “Auto” should then appear on the display. At this point, push “Disp” to dispense the first charge. When you replace the pan, the unit will automatically dispense the same charge. For some people this is an added convenience. You can always go back to the default manual dispense method by changing the dispense mode using the “Enter” button again.

Use a McDonald’s Straw to Reduce Over-Throws
Jaco Brink provided another useful tip to avoid “over-throws” (excess charge weight): “The RCBS employee advised me to take a McDonald’s straw (because it is thicker than a normal straw), cut off about a half inch piece and put it into the tube where the powder exits. This caused the last part of an extruded powder to cluster less, and reduced the amount of overthrows dramatically.”

Instructional Video
The video below shows how to set up and calibrate a Chargemaster 1500. Be sure to level the unit carefully, both left to right and front to back. Starting at the 1:44 mark in the video you can see the unit dispense a 50-grain charge in 30 seconds. The slow, final trickle stage takes about half of the total time.

How to Shorten Dispensing Times
The last tip is for advanced users only. You can alter the programming settings to speed up powder dispensing dramatically. One user reported that, by re-programming his machine, his cut his dispensing time for a 30-grain load from 22 to 13 seconds “with no overthrows”. WARNING: once you change the parameters, there is no “restore” command to set everything back to the defaults. So proceed carefully. The speed enhancement procedure is described on the pages linked below:

Basic ChargeMaster Speed Enhancement | Advanced ChargeMaster Programming Tips

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January 5th, 2014

Read Free ISSF News Magazine on Apple or Android Tablets

Free is good — especially when it’s a free digital magazine about precision shooting. The latest digital edition of the ISSF News Magazine is now offered for both iOS (Apple) and Android OS devices. The downloadable ISSF Magazine is packed with content about competition shooting worldwide. The most recent December 2013 edition includes 34 articles, over 500 photos, and several videos, plus exclusive reports from the ISSF World Cup Finals. Each ISSF eZine is “self-contained”. That means, once you download an issue, you read it start to finish, even without a live web connection.

ISSF Digital Magazine

The ISSF News Tablet Magazine can be downloaded for free, in English and German. Pick the version that suits your hardware — Apps are offered for both Android tablets and for iPads. Bimonthly issues are published in February, April, June, August, October and December.

DOWNLOAD Free ISSF News Magazine for Tablets:

Download Android App (Google Play) | Download Apple App (iTunes)

The ISSF News Tablet Magazine covers precision shooting around the globe. Each issue spotlights top shooters and the latest hardware — rifles, sights, accessories, ammo. You’ll find up-to-date coverage of top-level competitions, and these match reports feature videos, slide shows, and other interactive features made possible by modern, touch-screen tablet technology.

Preview iPad Version of ISSF Digital Magazine

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January 5th, 2014

Howa Rifles Offered with Kryptek Camo Coatings

Howa Kryptek camo package rifle

For 2014, Legacy Sports will offer Howa rifles with Kryptek Highlander, Typhon, and Raid camo patterns. You can purchase the basic rifle equipped with hydro-dipped, camo-pattern Hogue Overmolded stocks. Or, alternatively, you can get a fully-camouflaged package rifle with Nikko Stirling Gameking riflescope. With the package rifle, the Kryptek camo coating covers the barreled action, stock, scope, rings, and one-piece base.

Howa Kryptek camo package rifleThe basic rifles are fitted with either blued or stainless #2 contour barreled actions, with stocks dipped in one of three Kryptek patterns. You can also order Package camo guns with a Nikko Stirling Gameking 3.5-10×44 Illuminated riflescope. In addition, the Howa/Kryptek series is also available in a Ranchland lightweight configuration with blued #1 contour barrels.

A heavy-barrel option will be offered with bipod and a 5-round detachable magazine. These rifles are available in three short action calibers with heavy (#6) contour barrels, and come with Nikko Stirling Gameking 4-16×44 riflescopes. These Heavy Barrel Howa/Kryptek rifles come complete with scope, scope rings. and one-piece base.

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