January 8th, 2014

Notice to New Yorkers: SAFE Act Blocks Mail-Order Ammo Sales

SAFE Act New York Ammo SalesNew York SAFE Act Blocks Mail-Order
and Online Ammo Sales Next Week

If you live in New York state, in one week you will no longer be able to purchase ammunition from an online vendor and have that shipped directly to your home or business. Effective January 15, 2014, New York’s SAFE Act mandates that all ammo sales be conducted through a face-to-face transaction with a registered New York “brick and mortar” ammunition dealer. Retailers are alerting New York-based customers that the final day to order ammo online will be January 14, 2014.

The SAFE Act requires that, starting January 15th, all New York ammunition purchases be made face-to-face, with buyers subject to background checks. At this point, no online retailer has announced a procedure that will allow online ammo sales to continue for New Yorkers. Online sales are not outlawed per se, but the ammo would somehow have to be shipped to a New York-based ammunition dealer who would then conduct the requisite background checks.

In a communication with WGRZ-TV, NY State Police spokesperson Darcy Wells declared that two requirements will go into effect on January 15, 2014.

“The first is the law that requires all sellers of ammunition to register with state police and the second law that requires all ammunition transfers to take place face-to-face and be facilitated by a New York State ammunition dealer. These provisions will go into effect on [January 15, 2014],” Wells explained.

In addition, the SAFE Act requires background checks on purchasers of ammunition. However, at present, there is no system in place to do this:

“The SAFE Act law also provides that background check and record keeping requirements imposed on all retail sellers of ammunition are scheduled to take effect 30 days after the Superintendent of the New York State Police certifies that a statewide license and record database is created for such a process. That certification has not yet been made and the system is still being developed.” Read Related Story.

“Just like the rest of the SAFE Act, there are a lot of questions with no answers,” said Jack Taylor, who sells guns and ammunition in Batavia, NY. “We don’t really know how we’re gonna do it, because I don’t think they (State Police) know how their gonna do it… it may happen sometime later in the year, but nobody seems to know,” Taylor told WGRZ-TV

While several groups have filed lawsuits challenging various provisions of the SAFE Act, as of this writing, no legal ruling will forestall or block the ammunition sales restrictions from taking effect on January 15th. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) is trying to restore New Yorkers’ rights to purchase ammunition from online vendors. To support that effort, AmmoMan.com is donating 2% of all New York orders to the NYSRPA to help fund legal expenses.

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