March 29th, 2014

Learn about Little-Known Benefits for NRA Members

We know that many of our readers are NRA members. This article focuses on little-known NRA benefits. You may be aware that the NRA provides $2500.00 in firearms coverage to NRA members who activate their insurance. But did you know that the NRA offers its members discounts on car rentals, discounts on hotel/motel stays, and even discounts on moving expenses? The NRA even has health-related programs that can save you money on hearing aids and prescription drugs.

To learn about all these special benefits for NRA members, go to Once you create an online account, you can activate your NRA firearms insurance, and check out the various special benefits offered to NRA members. You can also change your NRA print magazine selection or subscribe to various NRA newsletters. We do offer one warning though — the NRA is very aggressive when it comes to email marketing. We suggest, if you sign up, don’t list your business email address, or primary email address. Or use a spam filter so you don’t get deluged with messages from the NRA.

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