March 6th, 2014

Our Forum Server Will Be Upgraded on Saturday, March 8

AccurateShooter ForumHere’s a “heads up” for our Shooters’ Forum members. On Saturday, March 8, we plan to upgrade our Forum server. As a result, the Forum will be unavailable (offline) for 3-4 hours on Saturday, March 8, starting at about 10:00 am Central Time. Don’t worry, when the upgrade is completed, there will be no change in format or layout. The Forum will look the same and navigation will be unchanged.

We are upgrading to increase horsepower — moving to a server with a much faster processor, more storage, and 8 times more RAM. We hope you’ll see a difference in Forum speed, particularly during peak traffic periods. You should notice that searches run faster. During the upgrade process the Forum will be offline (not available) for 3-4 hours (if things go according to plan). There is a chance we might be offline for a longer period if there are unanticipated issues.

How You Can Help — Please Delete Your Old Private Messages
There’s a simple thing Forum members can do to help the Forum run faster and better — “pruning” your old private messages (PMs). Many thousands of Forum members are each retaining scores of private messages that are many years old. All those stale messages represent millions of database entries. Those millions of old PMs slow down the database and increase the load on our servers.

Please help us out by getting rid of your private messages more than six months old. This is a super-simple process you can do in a few seconds. The process is explained in this Forum Thread about Private Messages. Pruning your old PMs will help streamline the database, AND it will make your personal message archive open more quickly.

CLICK HERE for Instructions on How to Delete Your Old Forum Private Messages

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