May 25th, 2014

Kevin Angstadt Wins 2014 Bianchi Cup with Perfect 1920 Score

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For the first time in 17 years, neither Doug Koenig nor Bruce Piatt were called to the stage when officials announced the Grand Champion of the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup. Instead that honor went to Reading, Pennsylvania’s Kevin Angstadt, thanks to his flawless 1920-171X score. Angstadt accomplished this feat by being the only competitor to shoot quadruple 480s in each of the four events (Practical, Barricade, Mover and Plates). 15-time winner Doug Koenig (winner of the last four Bianchi Cups) was two points behind with a 1918-182X while Nigel Gordon finished third with a 1918-152X.

2014 Bianchi Cup

2014 Bianchi Cup Kevin AngstadtShooting a 1920 is a Great Accomplishment
Bianchi competitors who have shot flawless 1920 scores are part of an elite club. But a perfect 1920 score at the Bianchi Cup is not a guaranteed win. In the past, Bianchi Cup championships been decided by X-Count tie-breakers between two perfect shooters. It didn’t come down to the tiebreaker this year, though. Kevin Angstadt’s name sat alone at the top of the scoreboard — the only person to reach 1920 this year.

“The dream for all action pistol shooters is to come here and shoot a 1920,” Angstadt said. “I was just hoping to get second place, but to win the whole thing? That’s unreal.” You can see (at right) that Kevin was honestly surprised to win the “whole shootin’ match” with a 1920 score.

The new Bianchi Cup champion was as gracious as he was cheerful while accepting words of congratulation from shooters, spectators, and staff alike. Koenig, who placed second with a 1918-182x, was the first to congratulate Angstadt on his victory.

2014 Bianchi Cup

Shown above, along with Overall Champion Kevin Angstadt (third from left), are the top performers at the 2014 Bianchi Cup. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Kevin Worrell captured his first Metallic Sight title, while Jessie Duff snagged another Women’s crown. Jessie was the only one to hold on to her title. Every other trophy at this year’s award ceremony reflected a different face than last year. Below are the 2014 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup champions:

National Champion: Kevin Angstadt – 1920-171X
Metallic Division: Kevin Worrell – 1907-127X
Production Division: Rob Leatham – 1884-132X
Open Division: Doug Koenig – 1918-182X
High Senior: Kim Beckwith – 1908-143X
High Junior: Louis Surgi – 1838-111X
High Woman: Jessie Duff – 1893-135X
High Grand Senior: Adam Lennert – 1897-153X

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