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January 2nd, 2015

New F1 First Focal Plane Scopes from NightForce

Nightforce is introducing two all-new First Focal Plane (F1™) scopes at SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas. With abundant elevation adjustment, these new F1 optics should be popular with long-range shooters. Nightforce will offer these F1 scopes with either MOA-based 1/4-minute clicks or a Mil-based 0.1 (one-tenth) Mil-Radian adjustments. Reticle choices are: MOAR™, Mil-R™, Horus H59, and TReMoR3.

Our readers will probably be most interested in the new ATACR™ 5-25x56mm F1™ riflescope. Nightforce tells us that “We have been bombarded with requests for this specific model. We wanted to design and pack this model with so many features that it would be the true heavyweight champion in the field.” With a beefy 34mm maintube, the new 5-25x56mm F1 boasts an impressive 30 MOA (or 12 Mil-Rads) of elevation per revolution, with 120 MOA (or 35 mils) of total elevation adjustment. That’s a lot. Tactical shooters should appreciate the yards/meters markings on the side parallax knob (yards for MOA scopes, meters for Milrad scopes). You can actually “dial the distance” with the marked parallax knob. That should speed up focus adjustments during target transitions. For low-light applications, the new 5-25x56mm F1’s DigIllum™ reticle illumination system provides precise brightness control.

ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Nightforce Scope Optics Tactical

Nightforce believes the 5-25x56mm F1 will be a hit with long-range and tactical marksmen, even though MSRP is a hefty $2900.00: “We anticipate that some of the weapon applications for this model will include long-range and ultra-long-range precision tactical rifles, unique long-range hunting rifles, and many of the purpose-built magnum AR platforms.”

ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Nightforce Scope Optics Tactical

ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Nightforce Scope Optics Tactical

New 4-16x42mm F1 Replaces current 3.5-15x50mm NXS F1
The ATACR™ 4-16x42mm F1 will replace the previous NXS 3.5-15x50mm Nightforce. Like the 5-25X F1, the new 4-16X F1 offers 30 MOA (or 12 Mil-Rads) per revolution of the elevation turret. This scope also features a new ZeroHold™ zero-stop which uses a simple press-button design. According to Nightforce, the low-profile ZeroHold offers a positive zero-stop that is “automatically re-indexed as you return to your zero”. As with the ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 model above, the ATACR 4-16x42mm F1 features DigIllum reticle illumination control. MSRP for the 4-16x42mm ATACR F1 is $2400.00.

ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Nightforce Scope Optics Tactical

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January 2nd, 2015

Concentration — Matt Emmons Explains How to Stay Focused

Writing for the ELEY Bulletin, USA Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Emmons provides rock solid advice for anyone involved in competitive shooting. Matt talks about dealing with pressure, and how to maintain concentration and focus. Matt says two keys to maintaining focus are practice and imagination….

Matt Emmons USA Shooting Olympics Eley

Sports Shooting Psychology – Concentration

Concentration – staying focused in stressful competition situations
There are books… totally devoted to concentration, so I what I am about to write is only my opinion and take on the subject matter. There are so many aspects to the game of shooting, whether it be rifle, pistol, or shotgun. At the same time, one of the constants is concentration. Concentration is one of the things that allows you to be your best and keeps you in the “zone” when you are performing extremely well. It’s also a piece of the puzzle that has often disappeared when things go awry.

Matt Emmons Eley OlympicsSo how do you concentrate when the pressure is on? The exact recipe will be slightly different for different people, of course. Two important things for anyone, however, are practice and a great imagination! If you never practice focusing intently on anything, or especially during training, you will never learn to do it when you really want to. You must practice every situation that could occur during an important competition and practice what you will do so that you can continue to be your best. That means imagining and practising what you will do in the biggest match of your life when things are going incredibly well. How will you react? How will you work with it so that you continue to perform beautifully?

What will you do if you are in that same biggest match of your life and something goes wrong? How will you keep your poise, get back on track, and do what you’re capable of to achieve your goal? The answer depends on you. A great shooter needs to have a great imagination and needs to be able to look deep inside themselves to know how they might react in every different situation. If something doesn’t feel comfortable or there is nervousness, that means the athlete needs to work on preparing for it in training so that if the situation happens in a competition, there will be no lapse in concentration. There is a plan and it has be rehearsed so that it flows effortlessly.

I certainly can’t recommend any “quick fixes” to help anyone concentrate better. That doesn’t really exist. A couple things that always help in stressful situations, however, are these:

Breathe!! Stop and take a few slow, deep breaths to slow the heart down. You’ll be surprised how much this can help.

Keep your thoughts rational and focused on things you can control. Any worries about “what if’s” or things out of your control are completely useless and will only take your concentration off of what you’re trying to do.

Stay in the moment! Good or bad, the past is done! You cannot change it. If the past was great, enjoy it for a moment and move on to now. If it was bad, learn what you can from it and move forward. The future is what you create. Every future moment is this current moment. Enjoy and make the best of this current moment and the future moments will come by themselves. Make the current shot the best shot you can possibly make, enjoy it then repeat on the next one.

Picture what you want to see happen. Imagine a short video of the “your perfect shot” and play it over and over again in your head. Keep it short, keep it simple.

– Lastly, no matter whether it’s your club championship or the Olympic Games, remember why you are shooting. Hopefully you are in that particular moment because you love the game. At the heart, that is why we play any game – because we enjoy it! Never forget that no matter how stressful any competition might be. Aligning the sights and making a great shot is a whole lot of fun to do wherever and whenever you do it.

Good luck and great shooting — Matt Emmons

About ELEY Ammunition
Established in 1828, ELEY now produces some of the most consistently accurate .22 LR rimfire ammunition in the world. Countless championship medals have been earned with ELEY rimfire ammo, and most current smallbore ISSF world records were set with ELEY ammo. ELEY maintains a large production and testing facility in Birmingham, West Midlands, in the UK. ELEY employs a team of specialists (including many Six Sigma qualified engineers) with extensive knowledge of internal and external ballistics, powder dynamics, and advanced production methods. ELEY has always been at the forefront of the ammunition industry, pushing technological boundaries which have resulted in patented new methodologies and techniques.

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January 2nd, 2015

Talladega Marksmanship Park Nears Completion

Scheduled to open in spring 2015, the CMP’s new Talladega Marksmanship Park will be one of the largest, most elaborate public shooting ranges in the nation. State-of-the-art electronic targets will be utilized for both competition and practice, with groups and scoring viewable via electronic monitors. Sporting Clays, Trap, and 5-Stand venues will offer fully automated clay target-launching systems utlizing swipe card technology. For more info, visit the Talladega Marksmanship Park website.

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park Fees Electronic Targets

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park Fees Electronic Targets

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park
Plans were approved in March 2012 by the CMP Board of Directors for a 500-acre marksmanship park located two miles from the Talladega International Motor Speedway in Talladega County, Alabama. The new CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park will feature a 600-yard rifle range with 50 electronic firing points, 100 yard multi-purpose range with 40 electronic firing points, 50 yard pistol range with 25 electronic firing points, 50 foot pistol qualification range, 15 action pistol bays, trap field with 5 stand overlay with automated trap machines, and 15 station sporting clays field with automated trap machines. The facility address is: 4387 Turner Mill Road, Talladega, Alabama.

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park Fees Electronic Targets

Park Usage Fees:

Range (Centerfire/Rimfire) 1/2 Day (4 hr) Adult 1/2 Day Junior (age 10-17) All Day (8 hr) Adult All Day Junior (age 10-17)
100-yard Electronic Targets $15 $8 $25 $13
50-yard Electronic Targets $15 $8 $25 $13
50-Foot Paper Targets $10 $5 $20 $10
200, 300, 600-yard Electronic Targets $20 $10 $35 $18
10-Day Pass (10 visits All Day or Half Day) $200 $100
Note: All juniors (age 10-17) must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Both the junior and responsible adult must successfully complete the CMP Marksmanship Park Safety class prior to participating in live fire on park property.
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