May 5th, 2015

First Shots Program in Texas Attracts 300+ New Shooters

NSSF First Shots Program Dallas Fort Worth

Every shooter needs to get his or her start someplace. We applaud the NSSF First Shots program that brings new shooters into the fold. If we want to “stem the tide” and resist pressures to close gun ranges and limit firearms use, we need to get new people involved in the shooting sports. And the first step in that process is getting first-timers to the range. Around the country, First Shot Seminars provide free instruction by trained firearms instructors, with guns and ammo provided at no charge to participants. The free First Shots program teaches newcomers firearms fundamentals, safety, and local regulations in a classroom setting, followed by a live-fire session with certified instructors.

NSSF First Shots Program Dallas Fort Worth

First Shots Tour in Texas — 300 New Shooters
“I’ll be back.” That line was uttered countless times this past weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as NSSF’s First Shots Big City Tour rolled into town. More than 300 first-timers attended First Shots seminars at six area ranges. “It never gets old,” said Tisma Juett, NSSF’s First Shots manager, referring to the look on people’s faces after their first target-shooting experience. “Many people [may] come in intimidated, [but] everyone walks away with a huge smile. People came from all over this weekend, many with an interest in personal protection. Everyone was impressed with the facilities, the staff and the emphasis on firearm safety. And the most popular comment by far was, ‘I’ll be back.'” The Dallas/FW events were the latest stop on the First Shots Big City Tour, which has brought the program to Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Sacramento, Washington, D.C., and other major cities.

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