May 28th, 2015

New Lever-Arm Precision Primer Press from Grizzly Bald Eagle Precision Priming Primer tool press has released a new, advanced handle-actuated primer seating device. President Shiraz Balolia tells us: “We have designed a new bench-mounted Bald Eagle Primer Press. It seats primers very consistently and you can adjust the depth of the primer in .002″ increments. I have been using one for months. In fact, I used it for the Canada win and also during the Nationals last year where our Team won the National Championships.” Grizzly Bald Eagle Precision Priming Primer tool press

Here are the features of the new press (item BE1151, $159.95):

  • Adjustable primer seating depths in .002″ increments.
  • Strongly built, with stainless steel body.
  • Uses standard Redding shell holders, made to tight tolerances.
  • Handle can be mounted on either side (right or left). Handle angle is adjustable also.
  • Comes with small and large primer seating assemblies.

Rick Jensen, Captain of the U.S. F-Open Team, has tested the new tool and he is a convert. Rick has decided to use it instead of a hand priming tool:

“I received my new precision priming tool from late last week. Upon initial inspection and skimming over the supplied owners manual, I was very impressed. Yesterday I had time to mount it to the bench and put it to work. Needless to say I am even more impressed. This thing works flawlessly and it is much easier to operate than my soon-to-be-for-sale handheld model. I really like the positive mechanical stop that it has and the consistency of seating depth it maintains. Will it make a difference on paper? Well time will tell but I’m already convinced that this is one more variable that has been eliminated. Thank you Shiraz for bringing another great product to market.” Grizzly Bald Eagle Precision Priming Primer tool press

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