June 20th, 2015

Group Buy: $30 Off PPR Custom Bolt Fluting and Bolt Knobs

Pro Precision Rifles PPR Blot Fluting Rem 700 Group Buy Paul Fackebridge
Shown above are bolts with TAC-6 Fluting and two-tone Vortex knobs. The fluting and knob installation are two different operations, priced separately.

Paul Fakenbridge of Pro Precision Rifles (PPR) is running a “Group Buy” promotion for AccurateShooter.com readers. For the next month, you can enjoy significant savings on a bolt-fluting job OR on the installation of a custom bolt knob. For Rem 700 bolts, the fluting is now $55 ($30 off), while a new custom PPR knob, installed, is $65 ($30 off). (NOTE: Knob installation does NOT include bolt fluting, and vice-versa.) Paul does excellent work, with a wide variety of fluting options. All fluting is done on a Haas TM1 with four-axis capability. Here is how the Group Buy, a limited-time offer, works:

For this Group Buy, PPR offers Bolt Fluting at $55.00 total (with $5.00/bolt going to AccurateShooter.com to help support the site.) The regular price for fluting Remington bolts was $85.00 so you save thirty bucks. You can choose from a variety of fluting styles for Remington bolts. While Group Buy terms apply to Rem bolts, ask about Savage and Tikka bolts — PPR has some options for them as well.

For this Group Buy, PPR offers a new bolt knob, installed, at $65.00 with $5.00 going to AccurateShooter.com. The $65.00 includeds the price of the new knob. The regular price was $95.00 including knob. Again, you save $30 with this Group Buy.


To order bolt fluting or a bolt knob contact:

Pro-Precision-Rifles LLC
13525 South Rock Creek Ln.
Haines, Oregon 97833

Bolt Fluting $55.00 (was $85 before) | Bolt Knob + Installation $65.00 (was $95 before)

For the next month, you can save $30 on a bolt fluting job or bolt knob replacement. This is a limited-time special through July 20, 2015. Why flute a bolt? Fakenbridge says: “I have found that fluting Remington bolts allows them to run much smoother, with reduced contact surface (less area to drag). Also, the flutes provide a place for grit and grime to go without binding up your action.”

Pro Precision Rifles PPR Blot Fluting Rem 700 Group Buy Paul Fackebridge

Pro Precision Rifles PPR Blot Fluting Rem 700 Group Buy Paul Fackebridge

Specialty Services 10% Off
All other services would be offered at 10% off normal pricing (though 7/20/2015). These services include: fluting other brands of bolts, barrel fluting, Cerakote for bolts, Tikka bolt knob conversions, and special items.

Shipping is Extra — Quick Turn-Around
The cost of shipping is $12.00 with $200.00 insurance or $6.00 without insurance . Turn around would be about one week at the moment. Payment in the form of a check or money order needs to be included in the package sent to PPR.

NOTE: AccurateShooter.com has no affiliation with PPR. We do not provide any services, customer support, or warranties with respect to this Group Buy Offer.

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