June 2nd, 2015

SFC Emil Praslick III Profiled in Shooting Sports USA

Emil Praslick III USAMU coach marksmanship team U.S. Army

In the just-released June 2015 issue of Shooting Sports USA, you’ll find an excellent profile of SFC Emil Praslick III, a legendary figure in American shooting. As a marksmanship instructor and coach for the USAMU, Praslick has been a mentor for many of America’s greatest marksmen. Praslick has also served as a wind coach for many civilian teams over the years, guiding them to victory in high-level championship events. SFC Praslick plans to retire later this year, when SFC Shane Barnhart will take over as coach of the USAMU Service Rifle Team.

In a wide-ranging Shooting Sports USA interview with writer John Parker, SFC Praslick offers many interesting insights. Here are some highlights (after the jump):

Shooting as a Chess-Game:
“Chess and shooting are very similar in that both require a knowledge of strategy and tactics. An example of acting tactically is shooting into the wind, adjusting your aim, and assessing. Drafting a plan for execution is strategy. A good shooter knows the difference.”

Old vs. New in Competitive Shooting:
“I often look back to training manuals of the 1920s. The fundamentals of marksmanship have not changed since then. [However] equipment and technology have advanced long-range competition. In order to domainate, you must learn to adapt to change.”

What it Takes to Be a Good Coach:
“You have to be analytical. You must have empathy so you know what they are going through. But most of all you have to be a good shooter.”

Emil Praslick III USAMU coach marksmanship team U.S. Army

At one point in the interview, writer John Parker asked Praslick what was the best shooting advice Emil had ever heard. Revealing his sense of humor, Emil joked: “Grant Singley once said, ‘Don’t pull the trigger unless it’s in the middle’.”

Do take the time to read the Full Praslick Interview. SFC Emil Praslick III deserves recognition for his years of service to our nation and the outstanding leadership he has provided to the USAMU.

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