November 26th, 2015

Turkey ATTACK — Help the Pilgrims Survive Thanksgiving

turkey attack pilgrim shooting video computer game flash
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OK, you’re feelin’ fat and happy after the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast and you need to kill some time. Sure you could rake the leaves or wash the dishes, but why not have some mindless fun targeting turkeys with this online video game? Be forewarned, the sound effects (gobbling, annoying music, and loud bangs) may frighten your pets and annoy your family members. Also the game gets rather manic near the end, with multiple gobblers popping up all over the screen. That said, have fun, and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday! CLICK HERE to access Turkey Attack Game.

WARNING: Very Loud Noises, Shooting Sounds, and Annoying Music. NOT Recommended for Work! We suggest you turn down your speakers before playing.

Turkey Attack Game Tips:

1. Center your aim after moving left or right.
2. Some turkeys have armor on them and need to be shot twice.
3. When two turkeys are overlapped you can hit both with one, single shot.
4. The turkey with the white flag is fair game and will increase your point total.
5. Click in the upper right hand corner of the game screen to mute the obnoxious music.