November 21st, 2016

CMP Hosts First Camp Perry Rifle Match with Electronic Targets

Petrarca Camp Perry Electronic Target Kongsberg Garand Modern Military

On November 12, 2016, 46 shooters participated in the first Garand and Modern Military Match utilizing Camp Perry’s new Petrarca Range Electronic Targets. These Kongsberg eTargets allow instantaneous scoring and relieve competitors of pit duties. With no need to shuttle bodies back and forth from the pits, the matches run much more quickly, enabling more shooters to complete the match in less time. These Kongsberg targets work through the power of acoustics — “hearing” each shot and accurately triangulating its location. A variety of target centers can be employed, allowing the eTargets to be used with multiple disciplines.

Petrarca Camp Perry Electronic Target Kongsberg Garand Modern Military

The electronic target system plots shot locations using acoustic sensors on each target frame. The shot placement (and score value) is instantly calculated by the central computer, and then immediately displayed on monitors positioned on the firing line next to each shooter. Competitors can instantly see their shot locations and score values. No target markers are necessary. This speeds up matches as targets no longer need to be pulled down, marked with a spotter disc, then elevated after each shot.

Camp Perry Electronic Targets

Match competitors were pleased with the new target system. For example, Matthew Nodine and his sons Keegan and Isaiah, competed together in the Garand Match — each firing on the electronic targets for the first time. The Nodines, regulars at the National Matches at Camp Perry, were eager to experience the new system.

“Although my boys look forward to Camp Perry every year, they do not look forward to the target pulling!” Matthew Nodine joked. “It’s often hot and humid in the pits and makes for a long day. These [electronic] systems could eliminate that and make the shooting experience much more enjoyable.” Along with skipping out on pit duty, Matt says he and the boys enjoyed the system’s ability to eliminate human error that can come from both target pullers in the pits and scorekeepers on the firing line. The family was also impressed with the swift accuracy of the communication between target and monitor.

“My sons and I were very pleased with the system. It provides instant, real-time feedback, which is a great asset in timed shoots,” he said. “The system seems user-friendly and has some nice features, like zoom for those shooters who usually group in the black, and the display is big and easy to read.”

He went on to say, “All in all, we’d give the electronic targets a ‘Two-Thumbs-Up’ and hope it’s something that will be installed on [other] ranges at Camp Perry as well as the rest of the places CMP shooting events take place.”

For others who feel this way, there’s good news. The CMP is currently discussing plans to install systems on each Camp Perry range in the future. Moreover, the CMP now brings a set of mobile electronic targets to its regional Travel Games. The CMP website will list where and when the mobile electronic targets will be deployed at regional matches in 2017.

Petrarca Camp Perry Electronic Target Kongsberg Garand Modern Military

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