July 16th, 2017

Tactical .260 Rem from Short Action Customs in Ohio

260 rem tactical rifle

260 rem tactical rifleA popular feature of our Shooters’ Forum is the long-running Pride and Joy thread. There you’ll find photos and descriptions of dozens of interesting rifles — from rimfire rigs to big-bore boomers. Forum member Ryan M. (aka “Dieselgeek”) posted a handsome .260 Remington tactical rifle built by Short Action Customs in Wellington, Ohio. The rifle features top-of-the-line hardware. The coated, stainless Alpha 11 action (from Defiance Machine) carries a Bartlein M24-contour 26″ barrel with muzzle brake. The stock is a thumbhole T5A from Manners Composites, fitted with APA bottom metal for AW magazines. On top is a Bushnell ERS 3-21x50mm scope with G2 reticle. Riding on an under-mounted rail is an Atlas bipod with quick-release lever.

Alpha 11 Action (Made by Defiance Machine)
The Alpha 11 action was a collaboration between Defiance Machine in Columbia Falls, MT and Short Action Customs (SAC). It This smooth-cycling, Rem-footprint action boasts many nice features including a side bolt-release, and a double-pinned, .312-thick recoil lug. The action’s magwell is designed to work with AW/AI magazines. The bolt features an M16-style extractor. Used in SAC’s complete rifles, Alpha 11 actions are also available for custom rifle projects. The $1200.00 action price included a scope base with buyer’s choice of zero, 10+, 20+, 30+, or 40+ MOA. The Alpha 11 is not in the Defiant’s current line-up of actions, which includes Rebel, Deviant Tactical, Deviant Hunter, Deviant Ultralight, and Mutant.

260 rem tactical rifle atlas bipod
Versatile Atlas Bipod
Another interesting accessory on Dieselgeek’s rifle is the Atlas Bipod. This rugged unit can be deployed in a variety of configurations. Locking securely into five positions through a 180-degree arc, the legs can be deployed at a 45° angle pointed either forwards or backwards, in the traditional 90° position, or facing directly front or back. The unique design offers 30 total degrees left to right Pan (traverse) as well as 30 total degrees of Cant (side to side roll) adjustment.

260 rem tactical rifle atlas bipod

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